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Finnair Frequent Flyer – 10 Possible New Names For It’s Plastic Surgery Benefits & Rewards!

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Finnair is, funnily enough, the national airline carrier of Finland. Recently, the Finnair Frequent Flyer Program, Plus Points, was amended so that Frequent Flyer Points could be redeemed in exchange for plastic surgery. Yes you heard me correctly!

Finnair Frequent Flyer - Plane Fleet

That’s right! If you fly often enough, you could have the facelift, nip/tuck, or boob job that you have always wanted! Now there is even more incentive to fly long haul! Hell, I’ve been working on my one pack for many years by (over) sampling beer, so maybe I could cash in my points to have a six pack sculpted instead!

Finnair Logo

There’s more on that story in this article.

You would need to fly a lot to score a free trip to the surgeon’s knife – about 400 flights between Helsinki and Hong Kong in return for some breast implants.

Hmm, I can’t wait to see the points table for botox, facelifts, and nose jobs.

But that got me thinking – the current Finnair Frequent Flyer Program is called Plus Points.

I thought that because of the new plastic surgery rewards that have been offered, ‘Plus Points’ is a bit bland and should be changed to something else that reflects the new award benefits.

So I’ve done the work for Finnair already!

Finnair Frequent Flyer Funnies!

Anyway, here are my 10 Possible New Names for the program:

  1. Uplift Awards;
  2. Points Abreast;
  3. Nose Job Journeys;
  4. Designer Vagina Voyager;
  5. Penis Extension Points;
  6. Botox Bonuses;
  7. Collagen Injection Incentives;
  8. Facelift Flight Rewards;
  9. Skin Stretch Kilometres; and finally
  10. Extreme Makeover Miles.
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I would doubt if Finnair would take on any of these for their Frequent Flyer Program, but anyway, you never know! Makes the Mile High Club look tame!

More Finnair Frequent Flyer Stuff

You can also check out Heavenly Fare – from the Kitchens and Cellars of Finnair.

I thought it was a bit strange to introduce plastic surgery as possible gifts for airline points in the first place!

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22 thoughts on “Finnair Frequent Flyer – 10 Possible New Names For It’s Plastic Surgery Benefits & Rewards!”

  1. Avatar Of Utah Botox

    Really? Are the Fins that in need of plastic surgery? If I flew Finnair I would opt for the free air tickets. As a consumer who is using FF miles to get DDs you would be on the losing end of that deal. Kind of like winning the dusty stereo by playing skeet ball!

  2. Avatar Of Albuquerque Dentist
    Albuquerque Dentist

    I go for the Uplift Awards for the reason of its kind of inspiring name. It seems like it promises the customers as well as the whole company for an optimistic result in the future for both parties.

  3. Avatar Of Saint-Petersburg Hotels
    Saint-Petersburg hotels

    Wow! That’s a very extraordinary way to promote airlines! Do they really want to see their clients smiling beautifully or just are so struggling for life?

  4. Avatar Of Non Surgical Liposuction Alternatives
    non surgical liposuction alternatives

    I vote for “Extreme Makeover Miles”… sounds too good to be true! 😀
    Innovative way to promote an airline though…
    .-= non surgical liposuction alternatives´s last blog ..Non Surgical Liposuction In The News =-.

  5. Avatar Of Jj@Jacksonville Plastic Surgery
    jj@jacksonville plastic surgery

    Wow, does one really need to travel to the northland in order to obtain plastic surgery? There are plenty of capable surgeons in the states, besides do the fair haired finn’s really need so much work done?

  6. Avatar Of Denver Wedding Photographer
    Denver Wedding Photographer

    haha!! this is so funny/a little disturbing. if airlines in the U.S. started doing this i dont know how people would react. I wonder what other services they offer and i wonder what other weird services other national carriers offer.
    .-= Denver Wedding Photographer´s last blog ..There’s more than one way to devour a Mac Life =-.

  7. Avatar Of Speed Dating Nyc
    speed dating nyc

    Have you heard about the new rage in plastic surgery? Dimmple Implants! Thats right now you can have dimmples implanted into your cheeks… you should add that to the list! haha, what will they think of next?!

  8. Avatar Of Sophie Wilson

    Botox is quite dangerous if it not properly administered by qualified doctors~;.

  9. Avatar Of Kyle Griffin

    Nip/Tuck has some great drama too in the story, the women in this tv series are gorgeous too eventhough most of them are mature*~’

  10. Avatar Of Karl

    Strange. When a passenger boards a plane he is anew when he lands. hahaha But very interesting idea.

  11. Avatar Of Wedding Photography Boston
    wedding photography boston

    That’s sounds interesting. It’s also pat of their marketing strategy. The more your ride, the bigger your points and chances of having surgery at no cost. Pretty deal though.

  12. Avatar Of Dlf@Denver Wedding Photographer
    dlf@denver wedding photographer

    That really sounds weird. It’s my first time to hear such promotional gift or benefit in exchange for the mileage they earn. Not to mention, it’s also an expensive gift too.

  13. Avatar Of Wedding Photographer Boston
    wedding photographer Boston

    It’s all a bit ironic considering the effects high altitudes have been known to have on breast implants, such as pulsations and bubbling.

  14. Avatar Of Botox Birmingham
    Botox Birmingham

    “Sag No More”
    “Collagen in the Clouds”

    If I wasn’t at work I’d take the time to think of some more hehe. Strange program but I bet it will work because there are going to be more and more people in the world wanting surgery of some description to make themselves look better.

  15. Avatar Of David

    Sad to think people may find this potential for personal mutilation a blessing. Just wondering; at what point does the airline disassociate themselves from the patient? What legalities will this bring about: who is responsible for something going wrong, the hospital or the airline?

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