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Weird Sculpture from Dunedin, New Zealand

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One of the great things about travelling is just wandering around aimlessly and coming across all sorts of surprises that you never expected.

That’s the best thing about travel – by far, the best experiences I’ve ever had are the ones I didn’t see coming!

They’re the kind of things that definitely won’t make your guide book or the local tourist brochures.

That includes all of the weird stuff in the world that seems to have no obvious explanation!

And here is one example that I randomly stumbled upon!

This Weird Sculpture was spotted in a park at Port Chalmers, north of Dunedin, New Zealand.

I have no idea what the background to this Weird Sculpture is or what it actually means – there were no signs showing any descriptions of what it’s supposed to represent. Random stuff!

If you’ve been to this place and you have any idea what the hell this thing is about, let me know!


Weird Sculpture Time!

Weird Sculpture And Statue

This would ‘do my head in’.

If you want to create your own, check out The Sculptor’s Bible and Sculpting Basics: Everything You Need to Know to Create Three-Dimensional Artworks.

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2 thoughts on “Weird Sculpture from Dunedin, New Zealand”

  1. Avatar Of Jim

    It was made by Shona Rapira Davis for the artist Ralph Hotere. It origianlly was sited on a piece of land Ralph owned near his studio – it may have been moved since then. Shona also did the tiled park in Wellington.

    1. Avatar Of Marilyn Stephens
      marilyn stephens

      this represents the pushing apart of papatuanuku the earth mother and rangi the sky father … tanemahuta leaned against his mother put his feet against his father and pushed them apart

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