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Top Gear Series, Specials and Challenges – Funniest Road Trip Episodes and Videos

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For those who are fans of the English version of the Top Gear Series, the three presenters – Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, are often set silly challenges that involves them taking usually unroadworthy vehicles across a nominated country, and this normally leads to complete mayhem and some great Road Trip Adventures.

They’re usually a lot of British Slang and Swear Words spoken on these episodes!

Top Gear Series, Specials And Challenges - Funniest Road Trip Episodes And Videos

I’ve put a list together of some of the funniest road trip videos they’ve undertaken in the Top Gear Series, which will definitely give you itchy feet in terms of wanting to do something crazy when next travelling! And they’re good for a laugh!

Top Gear Series Road Trips – Travel Mayhem!

Here we go!

Road Trip One – United States

This is possibly one of the funniest road trips they’ve undertaken.  The trio plan to buy a car each in Miami for under a thousand dollars, drive them to Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans and see who scores the highest resale value. This means they have to drive through some rather rednecky areas of the Deep South to get there – leading to some scary situations where I thought they would die!

Funniest Bit: Hammond driving around with ‘Man Love Rules OK’ painted on his pick up truck – in mega conservative Alabama.

Road Trip Two – Vietnam

In this challenge, they swap four wheels for two – they have to buy a bike within a few million Vietnamese Dong budget (basically, sod all) and ride their bikes throughout Vietnam. Considering that Clarkson doesn’t like motorbikes, this is a major challenge for him, considering that he woefully chose a crappy Vespa.

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Funniest Bit: The Top Gear presenters sabotaging each others bikes. Like painting Hammond’s hot pink.

Road Trip Three – Botswana

This time, the trio drive across the Kalahari desert and the Okavango Delta in Botswana, seeing which of their two wheel drives can take on four wheel drive abilities.

Funniest Bit: In order to lose weight so they don’t sink in the salt pans, Clarkson and May strip their cars bare – which automatically makes them dust magnets.

Road Trip Four – The Arctic Circle/North Pole Trip

Clarkson and May decide to drive to the North Pole to see if they can beat Hammond who’s travelling via dog and sled.

Funniest Bit: Poor Richard Hammond trying to sled his way to the North Pole, and being a misery guts all the way.

Road Trip Five – Japan

It’s Clarkson in a sports car versus Hammond and May using the extremely efficient Japanese public transport system.

Funniest Bit: Clarkson trying to fool the speed cameras by holding up a Bill Oddie mask to his face every time he passes one.

There you go – those lucky Top Gear Series bastards have some awesome trips under the guise of entertainment, but good on them – I’d be doing their job too!

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    Don’t miss the episode off those three goof balls driving to Bethlehem.

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