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Mobile Sausage Cooker: Innovative Business in Berlin Germany

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One of the best things about coming to Germany is the astounding range of tasty sausages available to eat throughout the day. There’s nothing like chilling out munching on a tasty Bratwurst at the local beer garden, and washing it down with a superb German Beer! But I came across a Sausage Cooker which has become my Innovative Business of the week!

For a bit of history, the Germans are really good at sausages because that’s all they were eating after World War Two when food was scarce. They had to improvise dramatically, and hence the insane variety of tasty sausages there have evolved over time and I love chowing down on a few of these at time. I (over) sampled them in my 9flats apartment when I stayed in Berlin.

But I don’t like to cook them too often – I would rather go out somewhere and have someone else do it for it!

However, I came across an extreme of example of wanting a quick fix Bratwurst!

I spotted this guy literally being a ‘one man cooking band’ in the main business hub of Berlin, in the Alexanderplatz area.

Sausage Cooker – If You Don’t Like Your Job..

Mobile Sausage Cooker: Innovative Business In Berlin Germany, Alexanderplatz

That’s right, he has a portable gas cooker in front of his groin. All of his food supplies are contained in what you see in this photo!

He walked around the square cooking this German sausages and waiting for prospective hungry customers to come over to ask him for a quick bite! I can’t imagine doing this on a really hot day. Luckily, it was a reasonably cool day and I think this guy was grateful for being warm!

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So if you really don’t like your job, think of this poor guy!

More Sausage Cooker Stuff

If you’re feeling the urge to start your own innovative sausage cooker business, check out Nostalgia Electrics RHD-800 Retro Series Hot Dog Roller.

I reckon this guy has probably used a few German  Swear Words, Slang Expressions and Expletives during his time!

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7 thoughts on “Mobile Sausage Cooker: Innovative Business in Berlin Germany”

  1. Avatar Of Marilyn

    The ‘one man cooking band’ must be very careful or something bad might happen. Thanks for a brief history by the way.

  2. Avatar Of Annie André

    hahah, i actually saw that same guy in Berlin i think. i even have photos of him standing on a street corner. I hope that is his own business because it would suck to earn minimum wage doing that.

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