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Funny Elevator Buttons – Clever Design for Farting Hotel Patrons

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Okay, I did not see this in my 9flats apartment in Cologne, Germany! And luckily, I never needed to use it there! It’s Funny Elevator Buttons time! This funny travel photo is from the same friend who spotted the European Football Championships Urinal. This photo is from the hotel elevator that he was staying in! I’m not sure about you, but I have never come across this button in my entire life!

Check it out! What can you spot in this panel of Elevator Buttons? Look closely. Hint, it has nothing to do with the number of floors present in the building!

Funny Elevator Buttons for the Flatulent!

Funny Elevator Buttons
A Welcome Exhaust Fan!

Notice the exhaust fan button that is highlighted on the bottom row? Well, this is a handy engineering feature for crowded elevators when someone has eaten way too much cabbage (or Fart Juice) and cannot store the gaseous product inside their intestine when you happen to need to catch the elevator to your room!

That’s right, this button is an optional extra in the elevator button menu for this particular piece of revolutionary building component. If someone has accidentally (or more likely on purpose) dropped their guts (this is Australian slang for farting, or passing wind) whilst the elevator is full, someone who is standing right next to this life saving button can press it immediately! This will then create a suction of the rather offending pungent gases which will then be expelled somewhere that has much better ventilation!

It’s so simple, but yet brilliant. Another outstanding example of German efficiency! Almost as much fun as the Remote Controlled Fart Machine!

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8 thoughts on “Funny Elevator Buttons – Clever Design for Farting Hotel Patrons”

  1. Avatar Of Rob

    Whoever thought of that is very creative. I wish all elevators have that exhaust fan button.

  2. Avatar Of David

    Gee, what a smart dude who thought of that. But I’d rather have an odor naturalizer button with peppermint air freshener spray to clear my nostrils and my mind too if I go bananas.

    Elevator trips can really get to me especially when you end up inside with someone you mentally kill. Just saying lol

  3. Avatar Of Emma @ Christmas Markets In Germany
    emma @ christmas markets in germany

    This button would have come in very handy in a few of the elevator trips I have made in my time. It someone could take the next logical step and add one to buses and trains then I would be most grateful.
    The Germans are great coming up with weird inventions which you never see anywhere else in the world, aren’t they?
    I have travelled to a few different Christmas markets in Germany and I always seem to come across like this. I guess it falls into the same category as weird and and amusing signs which help make our trips to foreign countries more interesting.

  4. Avatar Of Red

    This is great. They should have buttons like these for everything from train cabins to toilets to narrow corridors. Basically any enclosed space 🙂

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