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Ephesus, Turkey – Proof That Effect Of Testosterone On Men Hasn’t Changed For Thousands Of Years

Ephesus – Defines the World’s Oldest Profession

Ephesus is an ancient Roman city of ruins that is very well preserved in Turkey. It is pretty cool, because you can get a feel of what it was like to live in ancient times a couple of years ago. I mean, the Romans really stole a lot of ideas from the Ancient Greeks and made them their own, and improved on them. There is an impressive amphitheatre there which Sting has played at, plus a number of buildings that served a purpose – such as communal toilets and showers, and different professions etc. One of those professions include the oldest profession in the world!

As an example, have a close look at this inscribed marble tablet from the Roman ruins. Take note of the love heart and female face sketches.

Ephesus Turkey - Funny Brothel Photo at Ancient Roman Ruins

Believe it or not, this is an advertisement for a Roman Brothel!  It’s an ancient billboard!  The large foot image was pointing in the direction of where this establishment was located in Ephesus and was located on the ground.

While this form is advertising is pretty old, it just demonstrates that some things never change, even over thousands of years!

There have always been theories that syphilis eventually brought down the Roman empire. And maybe this marble tablet provides a bit more evidence to support that theory that the effect of testosterone on men hasn’t changed for thousands of years!

Ephesus – Nothing Much as Changed!

I assume this was a well frequented place for numerous Roman soldiers after they had finished a hard day’s work of administering the empire.

It’s no wonder that prostitution is called the world’s oldest profession, and that was demonstrated clearly by this Roman tablet at Ephesus!

You can see more about Ephesus on this video and Quick Guide Ephesus.


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7 Responses to Ephesus, Turkey – Proof That Effect Of Testosterone On Men Hasn’t Changed For Thousands Of Years

  1. Matt says:

    Nice shot. I loved Ephesus … stayed in Selcuck at a terrific hostel too. I miss Turkey!

  2. Ephesu says:

    Thank you for article. Please Visit my websites…
    .-= Ephesu´s last blog ..grand-blue-sky-7 =-.

  3. Sasha says:

    It also proves that when you find a business formula that works then it’s best to stick to it. This business has certainly been spinning money for eternity!!! I’m tempted to say more power to money making brothels but that kinds sounds wrong lol

  4. It’s interesting to see other sides of otherwise well known attractions. It does really show us that humanity hasn’t changed that much. I really like your funny articles and your perspective on traveling.

  5. Michael says:

    One of the oldest professions in the world!

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