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Amazon Rainforest Bird Wildlife Funny – Beer Drinking Macaw in Brazil!

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Today I’ve got a Funny Travel Photo from Lee Abbamonte. You can follow @leeabbamonte on Twitter. He’s got an enviable travel record – he’s the youngest American to travel to every country in the world!

Remember, that’s over two hundred if the number of teams competing at the Olympics is anything to go by. Anyway, the funny travel picture is the beer drinking macaw in Brazil! Not what you normally see in terms of Amazon Rainforest Bird Wildlife!

Cheers bro. There is nothing like a beer to quench a burning thirst! Bottoms up! I would like to have this bird become my drinking buddy sometime!

Drunk Amazon Rainforest Bird Wildlife?

Nah, he’s not drunk, just having a bit of fun!

Amazon Rainforest Bird Wildlife - Beer Drinking Macaw In Brazil

Well, when you are really thirsty in a hot humid climate, there is nothing like downing an ice cold beer. Nothing else, including water, orange juice or soda comes close to making you feel better when you take a swig of the golden amber ale. And it seems this is also true for large colourful Brazilian parrots who spend their day flying around the Amazon region!

I notice that the Macaw is getting stuck into a Brazilian beer called Skol. I’ve drunk the Skol beer at the Brazilian side of Igauzu falls which Brazil shares with Argentina, which is one of the most spectacular places in the world I have ever visited.

It’s not a bad drop especially on a hot day. I’m almost tempted to include this really cool parrot on my rather dodgy Beer Index!

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Remember, beer is natural. Soda is made from all sorts of chemicals that required to be transported in hazardous goods vehicles!

More Amazon Rainforest Bird Wildlife Stuff

I have a very strong feeling that the beer drinking parrot didn’t make the cut of Amazon Parrots (Barron’s Complete Pet Owner’s Manuals). But it would have been awesome if it had!

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6 thoughts on “Amazon Rainforest Bird Wildlife Funny – Beer Drinking Macaw in Brazil!”

  1. Avatar Of Tom @ Waegook Tom

    I want to BE this macaw. What kind of beer is it swilling, I wonder – and could it fly properly afterwards?

    I’ll tell you this: puppies can’t jump too well after vodka. Hence the pondering about the macaw.

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