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Give Peace A Chance – Not! Funny John Lennon Song Parody!

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I reckon John Lennon would be pissing himself laughing in his grave! He is, of course well known for his song, Give Peace A Chance that became famous in the 1960’s when he was a long haired hippy and most of his songs were influenced by smoking way too much hooch for creative inspiration. Actually, it’s most likely that a lot of the Beatles records and songs were inspired by this 1960s recreational drug craze!

Anyway, when I was walking around Sydney in Australia recently taking a truckload of photos as part of the Vivid Festival, I stumbled across this gem of a print in the out there shop called Mao and More, located in Surry Hills, not far from Sydney Central Railway station.

Check it out and have a chuckle!

All We Are Saying… Is Give Peace A Chance..Not Really

Give Peace A Chance By John Lennon. Funny Song Parody Of The Plastic Ono Band.

Mao and More has a lot of Chinese antiques and of course, lots of pieces that pay tribute to Chairman Mao himself. The shop is worth wandering around because it is an interesting juxtaposition of furniture, and funny pieces like the one I have shown above. You will almost feel like you have walked into a Mao era Chinese propaganda movie!

Anyway, if you are wondering who is shown in this print, from left to right, it’s former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Former United States President George W Bush, and former Dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. None of these guys are in power anymore!

Yes, this print is a funny political statement of the very complex issue of the Iraq and Afghanistan situation which uses the famous John Lennon song as a backdrop for taking the piss out of war! Oh well!

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3 thoughts on “Give Peace A Chance – Not! Funny John Lennon Song Parody!”

  1. Avatar Of Karthik

    @Beatles Fan
    That’s a great Chinese antiques !!! John Lennon should always having laughing face and mouth dear!!!
    Thank you!!

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