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Solomon Islands People Pics from the ‘Hapi’ Isles!

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With any place in the world, the best thing about a country is it’s people.

Once again, the people of the Solomon Islands proved this to me with their warmth, humour and happiness, like other places in the South Pacific.

I found they were a little bit shy and reserved at first – but once you get to know them, you’ll have many friends for life.

And I managed to take a few pics of some of the locals to share around the interweb.

Solomon Islands People Pics

How cool is this? Coconuts kept on ice in the downtown Honiara market, ready to be sipped on during a hot day.

Actually, cold coconut water is an excellent thirst quencher and I say there should be more of it!

Honiara Markets Solomon Islands

Here is a pic of a coconut stall owner doing her thing. And she opens the coconuts for you with her knife and supplies the straws.

In terms of daily life, this is how many people get around the Solomon Islands – via a canoe. Sometimes you will see whole families paddling somewhere – such as going to the nearest markets or the daily school run.

Canoeing In The Solomon Islands

And they’re always keen for a wave!

Solomon Islands Kids

The local kids are always up for a photo. Always show them your digital display as it’s one of the few times they might see a photo of themselves with their mates!

Solomon Islands People

These two kids at Munda were pretty laid back and really appreciated seeing themselves in my digital display. If you ask nicely and respectfully, you’ll always be rewarded with some pics of the locals.

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And finally you’ll see this ‘red smile’a lot – the locals chewing Betel Nut which makes your teeth go red.

Solomon Islands Man - Betel Nut Teeth

I made friends with this guy called ‘Panda’. He even laughed at all of my corny jokes!

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And I really like the tagline of the Solomon Islands car number plates, which are shown in Pidgin English – ‘The Hapi Isles’.

I totally agree, I had such a great time there, I didn’t want to come back!

See more at the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau.

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