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Love Scenes – Forbidden and Banned in Costa Rica

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From the Bizarre Travel Signs archive – this weeks Funny Travel Photo is from Annabel Candy from Get In The Hot Spot – it’s of strange sign she spotted in Costa Rica.

This sign translates to: ‘Love Scenes are Prohibited’.

Love Scenes – not Bollywood Style…

Love Scenes Forbidden And Banned In Costa Rica

Sounds like this was borrowed from a Bollywood Movie!, where such scenes usually don’t involve any kissing!

The thing I love about signs like these, is the reason behind them. This sign was erected for a specific purpose, yet I’m struggling to think of the actual event that would have inspired the need for such a Love Scenes sign to exist!

Like the ‘No Mountain Biking down the Bobsled sign in Canada‘, obviously someone has done a silly act that’s annoyed someone, creating the need for such an unusual sign.

Looks like someone didn’t like the smooching that was going on, like on the Myanmar trains!

This is almost as funny as Learn To Bollywood – Dance & Fitness Series.

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3 thoughts on “Love Scenes – Forbidden and Banned in Costa Rica”

  1. Avatar Of Bsheikh@Discussionforum

    Thanks for the effort you took to expand upon this post. I look forward to future posts.

  2. Avatar Of Mike

    Hi! It is funny for me as costarrican to find this post! It is not that in this country romantic scenes are forbidden. Actually this kind of signs result even unusual for the most of people in here…

    The fact that provokes those particular advices is that some couples, showing not so much demureness, use to “sexually” exceed themselves in places where you can maybe find children, for example… thats why some owners use to create these, and hard to find by the way, baffling signs.

    Be sure, we are free to have fun! I know what I say!

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