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Italian Television – Like Silvio Berlusconi’s Love Life!

Italian Television.  There’s nothing quite like it.

Most people go to Italy to visit Rome, Florence and Venice and all of the cliches that are Italian tourism.  Some might venture to other parts of the country to enjoy the idiosyncracies of each region.

But if you get a chance, check out the afternoon television programming in Italy.

It’s hilarious.

How Italian Television Works

The Italian idiot box (this is Australian Slang for Television) is chock-full of game shows hosted by old crusty men surrounded by hundreds of drop-dead gorgeous women whose breasts seem to almost drop-out of their bust-enhancing evening wear.

These women seemed to have tied paperclips and rubber bands from each side of their mouth to their respective ears to ensure fake pearly white smiles endured the lifespan of their almost wheelchair-bound hosts.

Sometimes, there are bizarre segments where contestants have to do strange tasks – for example, get dressed up in a Spiderman suit and eat pizza off a woman’s chest (yes, seriously).

I enjoyed interpreting my social observations of Italian culture by watching the endless channels of smutty Italian Television programs, and laughing at how blatant this line of human flesh programming had become.

Italian Television has milked the concept of ‘sex sells’ for years, and yet viewers (mostly male) have not become tired of what is essentially a Game Show set within the Playboy Mansion.  What was most astounding was these shows were held in timeslots normally reserved for programmes like Sesame Street.

The only reprieve from the constant barrage of these girly game shows was the news. These Italian Television meat fests, however, continued-on well into the night after the token information sessions.

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It was no wonder Italian males were so persistent in the pursuit of women, instead of espousing the good family values of Big Bird and Mr Snuffleupagus.

Here is an example of this type of Italian Television show I found on the net – yes, the guy in a Spiderman Suit.

You don’t need to understand Italian to know what’s going on.

More Italian Television Stuff!

Of course, this form of Italian Television is nothing like The Vatican Television Center presents: THE II VATICAN COUNCIL from Pope John XXIII to Pope Paul VI, which is the other end of the spectrum!

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  1. Avatar Of Vans

    Itailian Women can be so stunning… that long dark hair and dark eyes … incredible skin. Just ask George Clooney! Have you seen Elisabetta Canalis? Man he is one lucky guy for a lot of reasons. I could care less about the Hosts but I’m sure I’d tune in for the Hotties!

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