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Henley On Todd Regatta in Alice Springs, Northern Territory Australia – Dry River Bed Racing!

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The Henley on Todd Regatta, like the Camel Cup and the Cockroach Races, is another great Australian tradition that is a thin excuse for organising a day of boozing up with your mates and chatting some Australian Expressions!

The thin disguise is a series of ‘boat races‘ near Alice Springs. But these aren’t sailing races that occur in a lake or in an ocean. These boat races occur in the dead centre of the driest continent in the world – Australia.

That’s right, these unusual boat races occur in a dry river bed! It’s just one of the quirky things about travel in the Northern Territory!

Henley On Todd ‘Regatta’ – Another Thin Disguise for a Booze Up!

Henley On Todd Regatta Alice Springs Northern Territory Australia

Teams enter in a number of categories throughout the day, and usually involve placing some form of flimsy contraption around a group of drunk punters who run up and down the river bed all day.

Ironically, the Henley On Todd Regatta has sometimes been cancelled when it has been raining too much and there is water in the river!

Henley On Todd Regatta Video Footage

Yes, this is all silly stuff! Enjoy the ‘boat racing’.

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