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Cockroach Racing, Brisbane, Australia – An Australia Day Celebration

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Cockroach Racing is a popular event that occurs every year in Brisbane, Australia.

They occur on Australia Day – the 26th of January each year.  Australia Day is the national holiday which commemorates the day where white settlers first came to Australia, on January 26, 1788.

But Australians couldn’t be bothered with big military parades or any pompous occasion like that!  Instead, we’d rather go to a hot pub, drink a lot of beer and watch some Cockroach Racing instead!

And speak loads of incomprehensible Australian Slang and Expressions!

Story Bridge Hotel Brisbane Queensland Australia

Cockroach Racing – A Thin Disguise for A Booze Up!

That’s right, those little vermin creatures that would survive a nuclear war, but those members of the insect kingdom we love to exterminate with all sorts of nasty chemicals.

Australians love to collect these beasts, and race them on the National Holiday at the Story Bridge Hotel in Brisbane.  We also like to blow all our money on a bet to see who finishes first.

The alleged story of how these races started is that two two old punters sat in the Story Bridge Hotel bar arguing over which Brisbane suburb had the biggest and fastest roaches.   They decided to race some roaches the next day and now, the races have reached their 29th year!

Cockroach Racing Photos

Here are some stills from the event.

The Cockroach Racing Arena – note that a jar of cockroaches is placed in the middle, and the first cockroach to reach the outer edge of the circle wins!

Cockroach Racing At The Story Bridge Hotel

The Cockroach Race Starting Gate

Australia Day Celebrations

And the winners..

Raising Money For Charity

While it may seem silly to race cockroaches, it’s all for a good reason – proceeds from the day go to charity.

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I took some footage of the Cockroach Racing and had a friend of mine do some top notch editing.  You can check out his site at World Window and follow him on Twitter.

You can see more at the official Cockroach Races website.  You can also follow Cocky Races on Twitter!

Here it is!

Go Cocky Races!

More Cockroach Racing Stuff

If you want to learn more about Cockroaches, check out The Compleat Cockroach: A Comprehensive Guide to the Most Despised (And Least Understood) Creature on Earth.


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3 thoughts on “Cockroach Racing, Brisbane, Australia – An Australia Day Celebration”

  1. Avatar Of Annabel Candy, Get In The Hot Spot

    Right, now I know what to do next time we have a cockroach infestation. It happens here in Queensland. Quite often when we leave the french doors open at night massive ones come swooping in. They usually head straight for my bedroom just as I’m about to turn in:(

    Will have to send you a pic of the ones we had in Costa Rica though. Nearly as bid as a bic pen. Truly:)

  2. Avatar Of Karen

    I didn’t know there are people who are fond of cockroach. I have phobia to cockroach so I can’t imagine how they catch and have it on a race.

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