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South Pole Travel – See Antarctica Flying From Sydney to Johannesburg with Qantas

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Antarctica is considered by many to be the final frontier on Planet Earth. Boat trips to Antarctica for South Pole Travel have become more popular in recent years, and I’ve seen them leave from the port of Ushuaia at the very tip of South America, in Argentina.

However, paying for one of these trips may also be the final frontier for your finances, as even the cheapest trip doesn’t come cheap.

Another South Pole Travel option is to book one of the annual Antarctica flights that leave from Australia that fly over the South Pole during New Years Eve, but this can be pricey as well. Plus this may be the only flight in the world where people actually want a window seat on a long haul flight!

South Pole Travel Photos From The Air!

But there is an alternative that you can take that combines your transport and a sneek peak at Antarctica at the same time.

South Pole Travel - Cheap Antarctica Flights

If you are on a round the world trip and are including Australia and Africa in your itinerary, you can see Antarctica from the air when you fly westwards from Sydney to Johannesburg directly via Qantas. This is because this flight flies across Antarctica during the day, and if the weather is decent, you should be able to check out some ice below the flight path.

Like this.

Flying From Australia To South Africa

If you look at the globe, most people assume that the Sydney-Joburg flight would track straight across Australia, across the Indian Ocean, and then into Joburg. However, someone has worked out that the cheapest, and most effective way to get there is to fly over Antarctica, and as an added bonus, this occurs during the day.

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At this point in time, you can’t see Antarctica when flying eastwards from Joburg to Sydney on this South Pole Travel option, as this flight occurs at night, and you won’t see anything – it’s like opening up your freezer in the dark to see if you can find a midnight ice cream munchies snack.

More South Pole Travel Stuff

I was happy to have a look at Antarctica from the plane, but I still want to set foot there to make up an entire suite of continents!

So if you want an easy way to check out Antarctica and some South Pole Travel, consider catching this flight before global warming removes a continent from the planet!

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4 thoughts on “South Pole Travel – See Antarctica Flying From Sydney to Johannesburg with Qantas”

  1. Avatar Of Garry Edwards@ Travel System Strollers
    Garry Edwards@ Travel System Strollers

    Wow. All this stuff seems to be great and exciting. Maybe in the future I can own a jet and fly to the South Pole whenever I like. You never know.

  2. Avatar Of Tomholmes1945@Home Bar For Sale
    TomHolmes1945@Home Bar For Sale

    I know Antarctica is a very cool place, I have never been there so far . The article fascinates me to have a trip there , the way you mentioned. The displayed images are awesome. I liked it , I hope my ideas work out and I visit the place sooner or later.

  3. Avatar Of Trent

    I hear that some of the Syd-Buenos Aires and the return leg sometimes skirt over the edge of Antartica too. I did the syd-ba leg about 2 weeks ago and never saw a thing – i was too busy asleep.

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