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Group Travel Horror Stories. A Remake of Deliverance?

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Today, I’ve got a funny (scary?) travel story from Blair Nicole about group travel where things can go really wrong!

Well, when you decide to stray from your group!

Think twice about trying to bum a free ride from someone!

Here it is!

Group Travel – When It Really Stuffs Up!

Thinking of traveling to an exotic locale with your friends or family?

If the words “family reunion” aren’t enough to scare you, the thought of finding yourself in a remake of Deliverance should be!

Martin P (ha ha, sounds like he doesn’t want to be identified!), who still likes to vacation in the Smoky Mountains recently told about a travel experience he had in the 1970’s that sounds like something straight out of a horror movie. Nothing could ever go wrong hitchhiking through the backwoods of Tennessee, right?

Here is Martin’ story!

“This happened many years ago, in the 1970s, but it is still a vivid memory. I traveled a lot in the Smoky Mountains area and would hitchhike because it was basically a land away from the city and there wasn’t much in the way of hitchhiker horror stories.

Hitch Hiking And Travel

I guess we all thought we were invincible back then. I got together with some friends and we decided to go do our own thing. One guy wanted to go eat and then a few wanted to hit the bar. I wanted to check out some hikes but no one was down for that, so I just said fine and went by myself. We said we would all meet back up for dinner at five.

Anyway, I went and saw some cool trails and mountains and then decided to head back. I was an hour early and figured I’d wait for them, but no one came back, even as late as six thirty. It was getting dark and so I started to panic. I waved down on a car with three guys in it, all about my age and skinny like me, so I felt safe when I saw them, and I figured these were just dudes I could relate to. Talk about women and drugs and what not.

Group Travel - Mountain Hiking

Well, they picked me up and then a few minutes later they drove off the road into some deserted forest area. I wasn’t sure what was happening. Then the driver told me to take off my clothes.

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I thought he was joking until the guy in the passenger seat aimed a gun at my face. I’ve seen one too many horror movies, so I was actually really happy when they just took my wallet and clothes and then told me to get out of the car.

I was praying for my life. I said a prayer of thanks when they sped off never to be seen again. I had to hitch another ride, this time as a creepy looking naked guy. Eventually, I caught up to my friends and my desperate time of need was pretty much laughed off by the group. That was definitely the day the 1970s party era ended for me.”

Long story short? Don’t let travel horror stories scare you away from taking a group vacation (or a vacation alone, for that matter).

But do learn from them! Next time you’re getting ready to prep for a group travel vacation, consult a travel professional, or at least use a bit of common sense when planning your itinerary.

And please, just don’t hitchhike in Texas, Tennessee or anywhere else you might find yourself in the middle of a real-life horror movie.

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