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Golf Cart Public Transport – Days At Sea

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Golf Cart – The Rolls Royce Golf Buggy!

If you get a chance to stay in the Days At Sea Villa on the KwaZulu Natal South Coast, you will be able to try out their offbeat form of Public Transport that is required to transport yourself between the Villa and the main accommodation building – the Rolls Royce Golf Cart!

This Golf Cart even has it’s own Rolls Royce front end. It looks a bit silly driving this thing on the main road, but hey, it’s a lot of fun. You can even spot monkeys running around on the road if you’re lucky.

Golf Cart Golf Buggy Public Transport Days At Sea South Africa

Here is some footage kindly provided by Kelly from Get Lost Mag of the journey. The cart was well driven by Ben Groundwater, and without any accidents to report.

And Ben does say ‘show us your blue balls’ to the monkey as well..


There you go – Golf Cart Madness!

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2 thoughts on “Golf Cart Public Transport – Days At Sea”

  1. Avatar Of Nerja

    Just looking at that buggy and it looks super fast for a buggy, but of course it was always going to be if it is a Rolls Royce – certainly unique.

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