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Funny Animal Names – The Pobble Bonk Frog!

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Today it’s time for some funny animal names – and this one is called the Pobblebonk Frog!

A list of funny animals and/or names that have previously appeared on this silly site include:

Funny Animal Names – Bonk, Bonk, Bonk, Bonk!

Anyway, the Pobblebonk Frog largely occurs in eastern and southern Australia. The scientific name of the frog is Limnodynastes dumerilii.

The reason it’s called a Pobblebonk is because of the ‘bonk’ sound that it makes which apparently resembles a banjo string that’s being plucked. It’s also sometimes called a ‘Banjo Frog’.

This is what it looks like – I took this photo from an information centre in central New South Wales, Australia.

I haven’t seen one in real life yet, but if I did see one, I probably wouldn’t know!

Funny Animal Names - Pobble Bonk Frog

You’ll probably find it hard to spot one of these in the wild because the Pobblebonk is a burrowing frog and spends large swathes of time under the ground.

You might hear one if it’s pissing down rain from a great height, but that’s when you’ll be back in your car or accommodation enjoying the dry times.

And don’t worry, since all Australian native species are protected under law (unlike the introduced pest, the Cane Toad), you won’t find the Pobblebonk being made into frog juice like others are in Peru!

But anyway, why do people snigger when they hear the word ‘bonk’?

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Well, the term ‘bonk’ is common English slang for ‘sex’.

‘Bonking’ is the adjective, but you get the idea!

But anyway, try not to laugh too much if someone does shoe you what a Pobblebonk frog looks like!

Anyway, what other funny animal names have you come across in your travels?

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