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Child Slavery is no laughing matter.  Whether directly, or indirectly, there’s no reason why a kid should have their childhood taken away from them because they’re busy in a sweatshop making stuff for the First World.

But anyway, someone has found a humourous bent on this topic by placing up a warning sign that is a funny alternative to making sure that people’s kids are supervised by adults at all times.

Check it out!

The Funny Child Slavery Warning Sign!

Child Slavery - Funny Warning Sign

Awesome! ‘Children found unattended in this garden will be sold into slavery’. I guess this sign would be a parent’s worst nightmare if they did not possess a sense of irony!

This silly child slavery sign was spotted in some gardens adjacent to a restaurant at Oribi Gorge in the Kwazulu Natal region of South Africa, where you can crap your pants on the world’s highest bungy swing, after visiting the loo with a view – the longest drop in Africa!

One of my favourite things about travelling is spotting the funny signs around the place, such Japanese Onsen Dead Drunk sign and the useless ‘Do Not Cross’ sign at the Grand Canyon.

But the reasoning behind this ‘child slavery’ sign was fair enough. There are trails leading everywhere from here that lead into steep gorges, so you don’t want little kiddies falling into a big abyss because their parents are too busy stuffing their faces with food and washing it down with a few beers!

And it looks like this sign was home made from someone who loves having a bit of fun with woodwork, which is another thing I like about South Africa – improvisation, such as making braais (barbecues) out of 44 gallon drums by cutting them in half, placing a grill in the middle, and roasting away some tasty meat over charcoal! Yummo!

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Actually, this is what I really love about South Africa. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and really, life shouldn’t be taken too seriously because that just stresses everyone out! They have a great habit of having a bit of fun, even if it’s about a sort of serious topic! Such a refreshing alternative from all of the nanny states in the world who are obsessed with over the top political correctness!

Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!

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