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Camel Milk Chocolate – Creamy Goodness!

I’ve got a heap of Camel stuff on this silly website. I have a love/hate affair with these kinds of animal. I spent a whole hour on a farting camel in Morocco with the vibrations transferring through my backside all the way up to my throat. But my site does pay tribute to this spitting beast. This includes the Camel Cup from Australia, The Thirsty Camel, Camel Rides in EgyptCamel Robot Jockeys, Dubai Camel Races, and Camel Burgers. But after finishing a tasty Camel Burger, why not finish off with a unique dessert – Camel Milk Chocolate!

Here is a picture of a truckload of Camel Milk Chocolate below spotted at Dubai International Airport! You will easily see these stands all around there if you are in transit or are about to fly home.

Camel Milk Chocolate - Dubai

Photo courtesy of

Camel Milk Chocolate tastes like… chocolate! Really, it’s quite nice and is pretty smooth and tasty. You just have to try it yourself! Sure, it the milk might come from a beast that you’re not used as an ingredient in your normal chocolate recipes, but this stuff is all right!

Al Nassma is the name of this chocolate and they make all sorts of varieties, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate camels, and even chocolate milk baskets! Al Nassma is focusing on the high end of the market and a lot of money has been thrown behind the worldwide marketing and promotion of camel milk chocolate. And slowly but surely, camel milk chocolate is starting to take off because many of us crave trying new things.

I guess they do have a point of difference in the worldwide chocolate market. And it’s worth trying out if you’re passing through Dubai, or come across this stuff in an duty free airport shop somewhere. I would doubt you would find this at the Masai Mara Duty Free Shop though

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Believe it or not, you can buy Camel Milk Cream Desert Care – 50 ml at Amazon!


Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!

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