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Supply Chain Management – More Masters of Transport and Logistics!


It’s time for more Masters of Transport and Logistics! This is where inventive and innovative people take Supply Chain Management to the next level. I see these pictures as tribute to the people who were dealt a crap hand by being born in a country that doesn’t have many resources, and people do the best […]

The Cat Man From Vietnam – ‘Pet’ Transport!

Cat Man

Today I have a completely ‘WTF is that!’ travel photo from Gemma and Craig, who run Two Scots Abroad. Here they are having a great time somewhere out in the big wide world! They are downing tools as teacher and tradesman to take a sabbatical and travel The Americas, beginning at SXSW Music Festival. Hop aboard for the […]

Asian Travel Tips and Techniques – The Multipurpose Scooter!

Masters of Transport and Logistics

Here is another one for entry into ‘Masters of Transport and Logistics’ that you can use on your next Asian Travel journey – how to transport almost anything on a scooter! And I mean, everything including literally the kitchen sink! Previous fantastic examples that have appeared on this silly website include the bucket seats, how […]

Funny Motorcycle Photos – The Worst Load Ever!

Heavy Motorbike Load 3

It’s time for some Funny Motorcycle Photos – The Award for the Worst Motorbike Load Ever! Definitely part of the Masters of Transport and Logistics range!   Today I’ve got a funny guest post from Stuart who runs the website Am I Nearly There Yet? It’s about the most ridiculous motorcycle load that he has ever […]

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