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Potty Training Toilet Tips – How To Do It In China

Potty Training Tips - Toilet Pants

Today I’ve got a completely bizarre travel photo from from Karolina and Patryk who run about Potty Training Tips from China! You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They recently sent me the really cool Adventure Motorcycle from Vietnam! And I have a feeling that this potty training tip didn’t quite make Oh Crap! Potty Training: […]

Happy Birthday Songs – The Chinglish Version

Happy Birthday Songs - Chinglish Version

Today, I have a silly travel story from Richelle who runs Adventures Around Asia, which sort of follows on about her running experience, and is an outstanding example of how a Happy Birthday song can somehow morph into something else completely – another outstanding example of Chinglish – where things in Chinese don’t translate in quite the […]

Chinglish – Funny Chinese to English Translations!

Running Race in China

Today, I have a silly travel story from Richelle who runs Adventures Around Asia, about how an experience that she thought she had signed up for that ended up turning out to be something completely different, unrelated – and possibly way better! I think it’s an example of Chinglish – where things in Chinese don’t translate […]

You Know That You’ve Been Living in China Too Long When…

Living In China - Chinese Flag

China – the most insanely developing economy of the past 30 years. I say it’s capitalism at it’s most extreme. The way this country has rocketed to be the second largest economy in the world after the United States is series of mind boggling numbers in terms of construction and development. Because of this crazy […]

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