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A Toilet With A Difference – Loo With A View

A Toilet With A View

Attend to nature’s call with the Loo With A View. A Toilet with a Difference! There should be more of these latrines located in some of the more spectacular parts of the world. It would make one of human kinds biggest necessities more pleasant and entertaining!

Check out the sign below which provides directions to the Loo With A View.

I really like the pun, ‘The Longest Drop in Africa’… And they are not talking about the Gorge Swing at Oribi Gorge or the Bungee Swing at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban either!

Loo With A View

The Loo With A View is located at the Lake Eland Game Reserve, in the KwaZulu Natal Region of South Africa.

And this is the view when you sit on A Toilet bowl there – not too bad or shabby!

The view is of another section of the Oribi Gorge (a different to location to where the Gorge Swing is), a spectacular piece of erosion I had never heard of until I experienced it recently.

A Toilet

However, the main reason I think the Loo With A View (a unisex toilet) has been set up is to accommodate silly travellers who decide and traverse a viewing platform which is basically a steel beam with a bit of mesh supporting your entire body weight.

See what I mean? Warning, when the wind blows, this thing shakes a bit and it’s a bit unnerving. But there were loads of other people willing to go out and have a look down!

Canyon South Africa - Viewing Ledge

Or maybe it’s because many silly punters have had a crack at the Gorge Swing earlier that day.

More Toilet Stuff

So if you are looking for a unique place to empty your bladder or bowels, try the Loo With A View – A Toilet that’s a bit different!

Maybe it should appear in Toilets of The World!


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8 Responses to A Toilet With A Difference – Loo With A View

  1. Red Nomad OZ says:

    That’s pretty impressive! But does it beat the Australian Scenic Public Toilets I’ve featured on my blog?? YOU decide!! Check ‘em out and let me know!!!

    Happy travels!

    PS My opinion? For scariness, this one wins hands down. For ‘scenicness’? I reckon some of the Aussie ones give it a run for its money …

  2. ayngelina says:

    Oh wow I don’t like to be scared when I pee :)

  3. ayngelina says:

    Wow, I don’t like to be scared when I pee but I’d try it.

  4. peter says:

    we love your blog and find it very entertaining and are following it daily in the uk
    when you get time take a look at
    as you may find we are on the same wavelength.
    kind regards

  5. Dawn says:

    Oh my! Not brave enough for that one. Guess I would just have to cross my legs and hold on!

  6. Cape Tours says:

    I love going outside!!! I think I should go and spend the day!

  7. payje says:

    Oh wow… just right out there in the open like that? I mean, are there people walking by and stuff? I would be more upset about the lack of privacy than the height I think LOL!!!

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