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One Star People – Comedian Greg Warren Travel Video Spoof

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One Star People – in a Five Star Hotel!

I came across this Funny Travel Video called One Star People recently by the Comedian, Greg Warren which takes the piss of turning up to a flash hotel and find that a heap of bogans (this is an Australian term roughly equivalent to the American term of ‘Trailer Trash‘, or the English version of ‘chav’) have taken advantage of some cheap last minute deals to overrun the joint.

There’s nothing like a group of uncouth characters just ruining your holiday! Greg has obviously created this video because he has come across some of these scenarios in the past. And I think I have too!

One Star People Comedian Greg Warren Travel Spoof - Funny Travel Video

One Star People has recently been released by Greg Warren as some light entertainment to keep you amused throughout the less than exciting work day. It kept me entertained for it’s duration!

Actually, this situation would be probably a traveller’s worst nightmare! I’d rather sleep on a bus station floor then be annoyed by a heap of idiots in a 5 star hotel!

I guess this Funny Travel Video is somewhat related to the 10 Commandments of Tight Arse Travel. But in this case, it’s others doing the tight arse thing, not you!

One Star People – Check it out!

Try not to cringe at some of the One Star People stereotypes – because they may be way too close to the truth! You should do up a tick sheet to see how many of these characters you have come across in your travels before!

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Ha ha, yes, so true..

I’m sure we’ve come across some One Star People in our travels. Just cringe and walk away!

Check out more at One Star Wonder. Also see the very funny Things Bogans Like: Tribal tatts to reality tv: how to recognise the twenty-first century bogan.

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2 thoughts on “One Star People – Comedian Greg Warren Travel Video Spoof”

  1. Avatar Of Dione Ohare

    S/o to the chicks in the laundry cleaning there g-strings and braws, lol I find it a little funny *shrugs*

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