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Holiday Romance vs Childhood Sweetheart – Win an $AUD 1000 Travel Voucher! (Sorry, Australian Residents Only).

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Hey there Australian readers – here’s your chance to WIN a $AUD1000 travel voucher from AAMI Insurance, and it involves very little effort on your behalf!

It involves the almost cult like following of the latest AAMI Insurance campaign involving the love adventures of Rhonda and her love triangle – Ketut from Bali who she met on a holiday romance, and Trent Toogood – a burning childhood sweetheart flame from her old school that’s flared up at her school reunion.

Aami Insurance Characters

First of all, there is the Ketut holiday romance. To see what I mean, check this out!

The Holiday Romance Video Between Rhonda and Ketut


The sexual innuendo between Rhonda and Ketut is often silly and hilarious. That’s because their situation is probably way too close to the truth for many Australians who go to Bali and end up having a fling with one of the locals!

Holiday Romance - Rhonda And Ketut

As mentioned previously, the series of commercials has become somewhat of a cult following and AAMI Insurance are milking it for all it’s worth!

The next installation of AAMI’s Rhonda and Ketut campaign is in full swing. It seems their relationship is fading like a sunset and rumours are circulating that “Ketut is kaput”, after missing Rhonda’s reunion as her supposed date.

However, Rhonda’s new love interest, Trent Toogood, is on the scene to throw a spanner in Rhonda’s wheels, and send her brake foot into overdrive on the dance floor.

AAMI is running a tweet competition between Ketut and Trent to see who the public think she should end up with to live happily ever after. And that’s where you come into it by sending out your funny tweet (scroll down a bit more!)!

Anyway, I’m behind Trent, well, because I feel sorry for him. I personally don’t think he can match the exotic-ness of Ketut, but you never know – never underestimate the underdog!

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Trent Toogood 

The competition will run for two weeks commencing October 7 2013 and at the end of this period (October 21 2013),

I will select someone to win their prize – a $1000 holiday voucher for them to have their own ‘Holiday Romance’ if they really want..

All you have to do is show your support for Trent by tweeting this to enter:

“I’m on #TeamTrent with @TheTravelTart because [insert your funny individual response]”

I will be checking my Twitter mentions to see who has entered (that is, whoever has tagged me @TheTravelTart and used the #TeamTrent hashtag) and I will choose the most creative answer to receive their own ‘hot like a sunrise holiday’ after October 21.

This is a game of skill – the funniest and wittiest entry will win the $1000 Voucher! Once again, this is only for Australian residents.

I wish this was open for everyone, but I don’t make the rules!

So make sure you for Trent by tweeting @TheTravelTart with the #TeamTrent hashtag to show your support!

Looking forward to the funny answers coming my way!

See more at Who’s Right for Rhonda!


Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!

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