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Finger Fishing, Cooktown, Australia – Painful Travel Photo

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Finger Fishing – not Fish Fingers!

Finger Fishing is today’s Painful Travel Photo. It made me squirm for a while before I plucked up the courage to include this picture on my website! And I am sure there are a lot of mad keen fisherman who can actually relate to this photo very well – sometimes, more than once!

This very graphic image was sent to me via @MyCooktown.  They also have a Facebook Page you can check out.

Finger Fishing happens when you mistake your Finger for a Fish when throwing in a line or lure to try and catch a big one to cook up for your friends and family on the barbeque that night for dinner. You could be throwing a line in a lake, river, or even the open ocean, and if you’re not concentrating fully, a nice piece of sharp stainless steel all of a sudden becomes embedded in your index finger and you can’t send SMS messages to your friends for a while because it hurts too much!

This example was taken at Cooktown in Far North Queensland, Australia. Many people stop by Cooktown on their way to the very tip of Australia in a four wheel drive.

Check it out.  Ouch. This left my eyes watering for a while! I guess I was ‘hooked’.. Pardon the pun!

Finger Fishing In Cooktown Australia - Painful Travel Photo

Anyway, be careful next time you throw a lure in, you don’t want to end up Finger Fishing like this guy!

If you want to educate yourself more on the art of fishing with lures, you should probably read What Fish Don’t Want You to Know: An Insider’s Guide to Freshwater Fishing.

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Somehow, I don’t think this photo appeared in the Little Fish Finger Puppet Book. This is more of a horror story than cute little tale! Oh well!

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4 thoughts on “Finger Fishing, Cooktown, Australia – Painful Travel Photo”

  1. Avatar Of Rentals Menorca
    rentals menorca

    ouch ouch ouch…ive had a sea fishing hook in my foot before 🙁 lucky it was a small version of a sea hook but was relatively big for a hook 😛 i love the comment above about naturist fishing lol…funny!

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