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Eating Dog Head – Straight From The Supermarket!

Dog Head

Today, I’ve got a pretty squeamish travel photo from Jeff. When Jeff isn’t taking pictures of dead things, he’s a full-time solo traveller and owner of You Vs. The Globe! You can read more about him here. As an introduction to this post, one of the joys of travelling overseas is to see how people […]

The Cat Man From Vietnam – ‘Pet’ Transport!

Cat Man

Today I have a completely ‘WTF is that!’ travel photo from Gemma and Craig, who run Two Scots Abroad. Here they are having a great time somewhere out in the big wide world! They are downing tools as teacher and tradesman to take a sabbatical and travel The Americas, beginning at SXSW Music Festival. Hop aboard for the […]

Food Art Presentation and Pictures – Vietnamese Style

Food Presentation

Today, I’ve got some unusual Food Art photos from Margie’s Vietnam Tours. They’ve sent me some cool photos from Vietnam previously like the overloaded motor scooter and buffalo rides, which is just a small sample of some of the unusual photos that you’ll come across on their tours. I haven’t been to Vietnam yet, but have […]

Travelling in Vietnam – via Buffalo Rides

Buffalo Rides - Asian Style in Vietnam

Buffalo Rides – Like Walking The Dog when Travelling in Vietnam! Today I’ve got a funny travel photo from Margie’s Vietnam Tours and Vietnam Cycling Vacation about Travelling in Vietnam. They sent me the rather brilliant multiple pig motorbike transport pic from Vietnam which is a great example of Masters of Transport And Logistics. This is where […]

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