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Smiley Faces - After

Smiley Faces Sad Faces – Clever Coaster Advertising!

I think we've all seen those simple but effective optical illusions of smiley faces / sad faces - that is, one single image that you can flip around where you can see a happy face on one view, but then ...
Funny Signs - Japanese Skiing

Funny Signs from the Japanese Ski Fields!

It's Japanese Engrish funny signs time! I really love Japan. There's no other place like it in the world. It's one of the safest places to visit (one of the few countries where I would leave my wallet ...
Cat Man

The Cat Man From Vietnam – ‘Pet’ Transport!

Today I have a completely 'WTF is that!' travel photo from Gemma and Craig, who run Two Scots Abroad. Here they are having a great time somewhere out in the big wide world! They are downing tools ...
Changi Airport Millionaire

Things to Do at Changi Airport in Singapore – Become a Millionaire!

As far as airports go, Changi Airport at Singapore is probably one of the best places around to catch a plane, or transit while waiting for another. Thousands of people work there and the airport alone ...
Male Waxes

Brazilian Waxes For Men – The Boyzilian

Okay, here is one for the people out there who hate their own body hair (and maybe everyone else's) - it's a list of hair removal and Brazilian Waxes  that are available to rid oneself of the hair where ...