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7 Weird Things to do in Tokyo That Will Change You Forever!

Harajuku District Tokyo

Today I’ve got a post from Andrew Wise who runs Life, Tailored. It’s about the weird shit that happens in Tokyo, Japan. I love going to Japan because I’ve come across things there you won’t see anywhere else, like Plastic Food Displays and Weird Statues. Here it is! 7 Crazy Adventures and Weird Things to do […]

Spring Chickens – The Cambodian Food Option…

Spring Chickens - Cambodian Food

Chicken is probably the world’s most consumed meat – especially young, fresh Spring Chickens! That’s because it’s pretty cheap, and easy to ‘farm’. You’ll see them as a staple food source from all over the world. From the free range village variety to the mass produced western version, chickens definitely make the world go round […]

Long Fingernails for Men. Wish I had some!

Long Fingernails Thailand Male

Today I’ve got another funny travel photo from from Karolina and Patryk who run about some rather long fingernails they spotted on their trip to Thailand. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They recently sent me the really cool Adventure Motorcycle from Vietnam, the potty training tips from China, and the very funny […]

The 10 Best ways to get fu**ed over on Bangla Road, Phuket


Today I’ve got a funny travel story from Jana and Shaun who run The Young, Wild and Free about Bangla Road in Phuket, Thailand. Shaun and Jana are an Australian couple who love to travel! Join them on their adventure, as they quit their jobs to travel the world, with Thailand as their current destination. The […]

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