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Beard Styles – Dubai Style!

Beard Styles

Today I’ve got a guest post from Kayla Ethan about the Beard Styles that you might see around in the United Arab Emirates. If you’re visiting and sporting a wad of facial hair, be prepared to have a chat with the people in the street! Beard Styles of the UAE I am a humble traveller, […]

How To Ask Women For A Threesome… NOT!

How To Ask Women For A Threesome NOT - One Milk, one Chocolate!

Today I have a funny travel story from Amy, who runs Globe Trotter Guru about one of her odd experiences of being asked for a threesome when travelling in Istanbul, Turkey! Anyway, Turkey is one of my favourite places I’ve been too. I’ve had a load of fun mucking around when buying a carpet, staying […]

Eating Dog Head – Straight From The Supermarket!

Dog Head

Today, I’ve got a pretty squeamish travel photo from Jeff. When Jeff isn’t taking pictures of dead things, he’s a full-time solo traveller and owner of You Vs. The Globe! You can read more about him here. As an introduction to this post, one of the joys of travelling overseas is to see how people […]

Chickens For Sale. The Multicoloured Variety!

Chickens For Sale

Today, I’ve got a totally bizarre travel photo from Steve. Steve is a budget travel guru and a self-proclaimed cheapskate extraordinaire! (yes, there is nothing like tight arse travelling!) Check out his epic blog, the aptly named Travelling Cheaply. Anyway Steve has a ‘colourful’ article about chickens for sale for this silly website today. And […]

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