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Pig Intestine Dishes

Pig Intestines – Tasty Offal Recipe!

It's weird food time again, and this time it's a dish made from offal - specifically, pigs intestines! Travel often brings up some interesting dishes, as I think food and travel are so intertwined. ...
Phallic Food - Geoduck at Seafood International

Phallic Food of the World – The Geoduck!

Okay, it's weird seafood time - namely, some Phallic Food! Here is a weird travel photo of some unusual looking food that I spotted in at a seafood restaurant in Singapore - called the Geoduck. I've ...
Ying and Yang - Tea and Coffee

Tea and Coffee – Nice When Separate. Better Mixed Together!

Two of the world's most popular drinks - Tea and Coffee. You'll find variants of this stuff from all around the world and in some unusual places. Some people like only one. Some like both (that is, ...
Prawn Fishing Singapore

Prawn Fishing in Singapore

In my travels, I've done a bit of fishing and have eaten a bit of seafood. I'm no Robson Green, but I've done things like eating the fish that tastes like chicken and the giant shrimp, gone fishing for ...
Squat Toilets Asia Funny Sign

Squat Toilets in Asia – Funny Graphic Sign!

Today I have a funny travel photo from @NicoleMProm from Malaysia. It's another piece of toilet humour gold that I am glad to add to this silly website, specifically in relation to Squat Toilets! Probably ...