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The Broken Penis Graffiti Print


Today I’ve got another weird ass photo from my sister from her trip cruising around the Middle East. She has a taste for the strange as well, so maybe it’s a genetic thing! She also recently sent me the rather strange funny street sign from Amman in Jordan. Today, she’s sent through a bizarre broken […]

Funny Street Signs – Shat al Arab Street!


It’s funny street sign time! Yes, there’s nothing like walking around your own, or another neighbourhood and coming across a street sign that doesn’t quite seem right! You know, it’s one of those signs that are definitely innocent in the native language, but when it’s translated into another, it means something completely different! (sometimes, it’s […]

Don’t Talk On The Phone During A Thunderstorm!

Don't Talk On The Phone During A Thunderstorm

It’s funny sign time again! And it’s about providing advice on whether you should talk on your cell phone during a thunderstorm! Today, this one was sent to me from Rod and Janette from Christchurch in New Zealand, who sent me the funny Chinese Toilet Sign. They came across me in a interview on […]

Funny Chinese Toilet Sign!

Funny Chinese Toilet Sign

It’s Chinglish Time again – this is where other languages – in this case, Chinese, are translated into English and it doesn’t quite make sense! Today it’s the funny Chinese toilet sign! Some previous nuggets of gold that have previously appeared on The Travel Tart include the funny Shanghai Restaurant Menu and the bizarre hostel […]

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