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Changi Recommends - Singapore Deals

Changi Arrivals – Singapore Airport Deals from Changi Recommends, including Wifi Addicts..

This article is supported by Changi Recommends, a service that extends beyond Changi Airport ‘s doors in providing exclusive deals (shopping, dining and attractions) and mobile connectivity solutions ...
Fanny Photos - Funny Sign

Fanny Photos – Lost in Translation!

Okay, it's Engrish time again! This time, it's about some Fanny Photos! Yes, for the native English speakers out there, this sounds totally rude and offensive, but it's just one of those funny things that ...
Singapore Hotels

Singapore Hotels – Places To Stay in the Switzerland of Asia!

Many people stop through Changi Airport in Singapore on their way to somewhere else in the world, but as I've mentioned in my article about 10 weird things to do in Singpore, this south east Asian financial ...
Happy Birthday Songs - Chinglish Version

Happy Birthday Songs – The Chinglish Version

Today, I have a silly travel story from Richelle who runs Adventures Around Asia, which sort of follows on about her running experience, and is an outstanding example of how a Happy Birthday song can ...
How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety - Bang Head Here

How To Relieve Stress and Anxiety – Bang Head Here!

Here's one of those useless 'how to' articles that pretends to try and solve a problem but actually doesn't when you finally hover your cursor over the click bait headline - it's a silly way on How To ...