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Japanese Drinks – Hangover Cure?

Japanese Drinks - Hangover Cure

It’s weird drink time! And to the absolute global winner of ‘what the hell is that in the bottle’ goes to Japan! I love Japan because of all the of weird stuff there, which ranges from Engrish to all sorts of devices and gadgets that I’ve never seen before, and would have never have thought […]

Create Your Own Superhero – Batman bin Suparman!

Create Your Own Superhero - Batman bin Suparman

Here is possibly the best passport photo and/or name of all time! There’s nothing like having an unusual name. Not only can it lead to bullying during your school years, but if you end up being a regular traveller, you are sure to be the butt of numerous jokes via the customs officials who see […]

Falconry in Dubai – Like Having a Bird on a Yo-Yo!

Falconry in Dubai

Falconry is one of those ancient traditions that just won’t go away. These birds of prey were used for hunting game so that their owners didn’t have to run around all day and catch food, but these days, the tradition continues, albeit in a slightly different form. A while back, I saw a falconry demonstration […]

Welding Safety – The Third World Version

Welding Helmet

If there is another wonder of the world that needs to be added to the amazing things that exist on Planet Earth, I think it should be how people get things done in the third world. That’s because these people who are born with a massive disadvantage compared to those in the first world, just […]

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