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Cream Soda Japanese Drink

Cream Soda – Toxic Japanese Drink?

Howdy, today I have another totally weird travel photo about Japan from Melissa who runs Where's The Gos? As mentioned before, Where's the Gos is a silly travel blog that's a bit out there because ...
King Kong Building in Tokyo

The King Kong Building in Tokushima City, Japan – Weird Edifice!

Today, I have a really bizarre building photo of the truly strange King Kong Building from Melissa who runs Where's The Gos? This is a travel blog that's a bit out there because Melissa carries a cut ...
How To Make A Snowman

Ski Holidays – What Not To Do!

Ski Holidays are a popular option for travellers who love their snow. In fact, some people love the snow so much that they follow the white powder all around the world so they avoid summer completely! ...
Running Race in China

Chinglish – Funny Chinese to English Translations!

Today, I have a silly travel story from Richelle who runs Adventures Around Asia, about how an experience that she thought she had signed up for that ended up turning out to be something completely different, ...
GMAX Extreme Swing

The GMAX Extreme Swing. More Crap Your Pants Adventure!

I'm a bit of a sucker for trying to explode my adrenal glands when travelling. Previous experiences that would have probably tested my shonky travel insurance policies include mountain biking down the ...