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Machine Guns – Fire Them Off in Las Vegas!

From the Only In America Files! This is a fascinating insight into Gun Culture in the United States. On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I came across this Funny Machine Guns Voucher that was appearing in all of the touristy magazines.

That’s right, everywhere I looked, alongside the commercials for escorts and other seedy aspects of Las Vegas, was the opportunity to let of as many rounds as you feel like (well, whatever is within your budget) at a nearby firing range. Awesome.. Now I really understand the part of the American Constitution that talks about the right to bear arms.. for entertainment purposes…(!)

Seriously! A Machine Guns Ad!

Coming from a country that doesn’t have this kind of gun culture, I had a double take when I first looked a this ad.

Machine Guns, Only In America, Guns Of The World

That’s right, if you haven’t gambled your money away in the ridiculous amount of casinos or haven’t pissed your money up against the wall (this is an expression meaning drinking your life away), you can indeed fire off a crapload of rounds from a wide variety of Machine Guns!

I like the added bonus of a car rental discount with each session!

Machine Guns – a Massive Range!

But it gets better. Check out the reverse of the Machine Guns Voucher:

Machine Guns Only In America

Piss funny! I really like the safety features of the ‘lead free indoor range’ so that you don’t contract lead poisoning!

By the way, Tuesday is Ladies Day!

So if you’re ever feeling the urge to let off numerous rounds that would make the A Team look like a summer camp, check out this Machine Guns Voucher the next time you are in Las Vegas!

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4 thoughts on “Machine Guns Voucher – Only In America”

  1. Avatar Of Randy

    Sex, booze and guns…24/7! No matter how much they try to make Vegas into a family friendly city, some vices are just to hard to break!

  2. Avatar Of Alex

    I live in vegas, and I see billboards for these gun ranges all over the place. I guess it makes sense. If you lost a lot of money gambling, shooting a machine gun might be a good way to let out your rage.

  3. Avatar Of Crosman 800X

    The machine gun’s primary role in modern ground combat is to provide suppressive fire on an opposing force’s position, forcing the enemy to take cover and reducing the effectiveness of his fire. This either halts an enemy attack or allows friendly forces to attack enemy positions with less risk.

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