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Las Vegas Casinos – World Architecture in One Place

Las Vegas is a bit of  a freak show that’s sprouted out of the middle of the Nevada Desert, and there is no other place like it in the world. The Las Vegas Casinos there try to outdo each other with bigger, more elaborate casinos to try and draw in customers to blow all of their hard earned money in their tacky Casino halls!

Caesars Palace Casino Las Vegas Inside

Las Vegas Casinos tend to follow the same internal design – ugly carpet that makes you look at the gambling machines, no clocks, no defined pathways, and you have to walk through the Casino to get to somewhere else within the building, even if you’re located on the top floor!

But it’s the exterior of the casino that makes Las Vegas unique.

One bizarre side effect of all of these Las Vegas Casino one-upmanship is that this scenario has led to Casino design that steals and copies the architecture from around the world.


Las Vegas Casinos – In Pictures

You can walk down the Las Vegas Strip and go Round The World with each Las Vegas Casino you enter.

Let me explain!

You can start off in Venice – at the Venetian, complete with imitation Gondolas.

The Venetian Casino Las Vegas

Walk into bustling Cairo at The Luxor Casino.

Luxor Casino Las Vegas

Head over to the Big Apple at New York, New York. All of New Yorks cliches are in one place, and walking distance from each other!

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New York New York Casino Las Vegas

Head back to Roman Times at Caesar’s Palace. It even has it’s own Coliseum where concerts are held regularly.

Caesars Palace Casino Las Vegas

And finally end up in the ‘Casino of Love’, Paris, Las Vegas, complete with it’s own Eiffel Tower.

Paris Las Vegas Casino

So why bother travelling to all of these World Famous cities when you can see them all in Las Vegas?


More Las Vegas Casino Stuff

You can find out more about Las Vegas Casinos at Take A Tour Of… Las Vegas and American Casino Guide 2011 Edition.

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People do tend to focus on the enormous hotels that line the Strip, how could you not.

But, many people overlook The Wildlife on the Vegas Strip, which I diligently detail in a post on my blog Vegas Mavens.

It is also worth taking a walk around Downtown Vegas known a Fremont Street. You can do it virtually on my post:

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