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Greek Mythology – The Trojan Horse. In Someone’s Front Yard…

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When one goes to the amazing country of Turkey, it’s almost mandatory to visit the ancient city of Troy on Turkey’s western coastline, just because it’s captured the imagination of millions of people around the world because of the Greek Mythology story accompanying it.

That’s probably thanks to the Troy movie which stars Brad Pitt and Eric Bana which glamourised the epic battle of the Trojan War which was basically about some dude stealing the wife of some other dude and and all hell broke loose!

Actually, the ruins of Troy are pretty much a work in progress. They’re not the most spectacular ruins that you can experience in Turkey (check out what’s in Istanbul and Ephesus), but it’s worth having a look around to see what it’s all about and to gain a dose of reality of the physical aspects of the city.

Of course, like any other tourist attraction, there needs to be a ‘big’ drawcard to lure the tourists in.

In this case, there is a replica of the Trojan Horse located just outside of the Troy complex where travellers can crawl into and have a photo/selfie taken of themselves.

However, you don’t have to travel all the way to Turkey to see a replica trojan horse!

Sometimes, you can stumble across them in suburbia!

And you just never know when they’ll turn up!

Greek Mythology – The Trojan Horse in Australia

That’s right!

You just never know when one of the most famous symbols of Greek Mythology, the Trojan Horse, will turn up!

In fact, I’ve spotted on in the front yard of a place near where I live!

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Check this out! One of the more bizarre front yard garden decorations I’ve ever seen!

Greek Mythology

This creation would have taken a load of time and manpower to complete, but I’m not exactly sure of the motivation to plant this thing at the front of one’s house!

If you really, really want to know where this is and come over for a visit, it’s at Camelia Avenue, Everton Hills, in Brisbane Australia!

You might even see it on Google Maps!

Trojan Horse

I’m not sure if there are any Greeks inside though!

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