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Crocodile Costumes – My New Travel Gimmick?

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I have a strange friend. Let’s call him Kevin.

I’ve known him for ages. Actually, most of my life! We actually went to pre-school together. I also went to high school with him! And we’ve shared a few big nights together that have ended up in a bit of debauchery.

He has a quirky sense of humour, just like myself – and I think that’s why we get along pretty well.

But he does crazy stuff that I haven’t really thought of.

Like wearing this silly crocodile suit!

The Crocodile Costumes Man!

Crocodile Costumes - Croc Man

This photo was taken in the privacy of a room – on a balcony overlooking the city. And I’d be pretty comfortable with that.

However, Kev walks around in this thing in public!

That’s right, he brings this crocodile suit around with him wherever he goes, and when he’s in the mood, he zips himself  up in this green thing and goes for a walk around the place.

He’s attracted a lot of strange looks and laughs, but I think that’s cool because he’s making people smile.

But this gave me an idea.

I should get hold of his suit (or some other kind of novelty costume) and create a niche where I wear the crocodile costume whilst travelling and having my photo taken in front of all of the world landmarks, and then send press releases to all of the big online sites to link to mine which will make it go viral and then some big travel related corporation would then a truckload of cash my way and then I could retire.

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Crocodile Suit

I mean, there are all sorts of people getting paid money doing trivial things while travelling.

For example, Where The Hell Is Matt? gets paid to go around the world and do a silly dance in front of whatever world landmark he desires, because Visa (yes, the credit card company) pay him to do this.

Others come up with a theme that becomes the next internet trend for a few hours, but it leads to other opportunities that lead to a full time business.

This sounds totally crazy, but surely something like that should work. Shouldn’t it?

I’d probably get arrested in a few countries, but maybe it’s worth the risk!

What do you think?

Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!

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