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Concrete: 5 Ways It’s Done in the Third World, not just Bricks and Mortar

Concrete: 5 Crazy Construction Techniques!

Concrete is universally used as a pretty standard construction material.

But one thing that amazes me about how people build stuff in the Third World is how construction workers apply their own take on Concreting Techniques.  That’s because there’s no money to create or enforce any safety standards, so they come up with often inventive and mind blowing ways to construct new buildings.

So todays post is about Conrete: 5 Ways It’s Done In The Third World

Case Study One: Cementing in Africa, Part 1

YouTube Preview Image

Case Study Two: Cementing In Africa Part 2

YouTube Preview Image

Case Study Three: Throwing the Cement – WITH the shovel!

YouTube Preview Image

Case Study Four: Brick Transport in Bangladesh

YouTube Preview Image

Case Study Five: The Cement Conveyor Belt

YouTube Preview Image

Watching these Travel Videos makes me so more grateful that I was lucky enough to be born in the first world.  Makes you think, doesn’t it?  I’ll never have to Concrete in these 5 Ways ever!

So there you go! Conrete: 5 Ways on how it’s done in the Third World!

I’m not sure if any of these characters have read Working with Concrete!


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5 Responses to Concrete: 5 Ways It’s Done in the Third World, not just Bricks and Mortar

  1. Matt | YearAroundTheWorld says:

    Those are some crazy videos, and talented people!

  2. That is not the way to form with concrete, we really need to export some of our engineering resources.

  3. AHHH! The bricks-on-head guy is my favorite. That’s insane.

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