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How To Make A Snowman

Ski Holidays – What Not To Do!

Ski Holidays are a popular option for travellers who love their snow. In fact, some people love the snow so much that they follow the white powder all around the world so they avoid summer completely! ...
Living in Japan - Flag

You Know That You’ve Been Living in Japan Too Long When..

Japan is one of those countries that embrace the weird - which is why I love it! I'd go back there any day, it's loads of fun. I first went there a couple of years ago for a small taste and I'm keen ...
Engrish Funny - Pass The Sauce

Japanese to English Translation Fail – Pass the Sauce!

One thing I was expecting a lot of from my G Adventures trip to Japan (see more at the G Adventures site) truckloads of Japanese to English Translation Fails, or basically, a lot of Funny Engrish - ...
Big Voice

Smoking Area Sign – Don’t Speak in a Big Voice!

The progressive introduction of anti-tobacco laws have meant those addicted to the cancer sticks are always on the hunt for any designated Smoking Areas they can lay there hands on, where they can have ...
Smoking Cessation - Funny Stop Smoking Sign

Smoking Cessation – Funny Stop Smoking Sign!

Smoking Cessation - It's Bigger Than You Think! I'm a non smoker. I've never touched tobacco in my entire life. There are a couple of good reasons for this. I used to be asthmatic when I was a kid, and ...