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Conversation Exchange Areas – BEERNBULLSHITCORNER!

Conversation Exchange Area

Here’s another attention grabbing sign! There’s nothing like communal conversation exchange areas to get a chat going whilst you’re downing a bit of a brew, or sometimes wine! And almost always, having a few drinks gets the conversation going, and sometimes it’s great, and sometimes, the tales that come out of some people’s mouths border […]

Short Haircuts – or a Shit One?

Bad Hairdressing

Haircuts. We all need them at some point, even if you like the shabby kind of look that makes you look sort of homeless. Except for some of us who become folically challenged later on in life (I’m not that far away). And there’s nothing like trying to communicate to a barber or a hairdresser […]

Fire Danger Rating Sign! But It’s Too Late!

Fire Danger Rating Sign

If you’ve ever travelled in rural Australia, you might come across the odd Fire Danger Rating sign which indicates the likelihood of a fire occurring in the general vicinity that day. Australia’s vegetation has evolved to be pyrophyllic (fire loving) because for the most part, it’s an arid country and the bush has adapted to […]

Australian Citizenship Test. What it really should be like!


I’ve never had to take one because I was born here, but for many people who immigrate to Australia from overseas, most have to jump through a number of hoops to get hold of that treasured piece of paper that is Australian Citizenship by undertaking the Australian Citizenship Test. This involves a number of multiple […]

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