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Great White Shark Cage Diving

South Australia – Things I’d Like To Do There!

Here is a gratuitous attempt to score another trip somewhere that's away from where I live! Europcar Australia were silly enough to ask me to see if I was interested in entering the Detour competition ...
Fish Feeding Neds Bay - Lord Howe Island

Fish Frenzy – Feeding From The Beach!

One of the nicest places in the world that I've been to is Lord Howe Island, off the east coast of Australia. It's a bit tricky to get there, but well worth if you ever get the chance. You can easily get ...
G20 Countries Summit - Brisbane

G20 Countries – What I’d Like Them To Chat About at the Summit!

Silly season is about to start - the G20 summit in Brisbane will happen in a couple of days where the leaders of the world's 20 biggest economies will sit down for a big talk fest to chat about loads of ...
Plus Size Swimwear Bikini

Plus Size Swimwear – The Tree Bikini!

Okay, here are one of those annoying travel blogger posts about someone who has been lazing around on the beach doing sod all! This place is called Mission Beach in Far North Queensland, Australia ...
Will It Rain Today

Will It Rain Today? It Probably will in one of the Wettest Places In The World!

Will It Rain Today? Well, if you live in England, the answer is most likely to be 'yes'! ;P But it's usually that annoying drizzle that makes you feel depressed. But there are some places in the world ...