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Horseback Riding in Australia – Campdrafting

Horseback Riding in Australia

One thing that many people do when travelling overseas is go horseback riding in some spectacular location like a beach, national park, or some other picturesque location in the world. Personally, I’d rather throw myself off a cliff on a bungee swing as I’m scared s*&tless of riding horses. They know it too and they’ll […]

Golf Jokes for the bad golfers out there – which is most of us!

Golfling Green Slope

One thing that many people do when travelling around the world is play or watch a bit of sport at some of the places they’re visiting. For example, I’ve gone to a crazy soccer game in Buenos Aires, and I would love to see The Ashes in England. However, I’m sure there are some sport nuts […]

Saltwater Crocodiles – Don’t Swim With Them!

Crocodile Logo

Here’s one to add to the myth that Australia is full of dangerous animals (see Drop Bears!) that are out to kill you on your holiday! The reality is the vast majority of Australian’s live in urban areas and will never come anywhere near a creepy crawly or something that’s going to cause them injury […]

Funny Animal Names – The Bonk Frog!


Today it’s time for some funny animal names – and this one is called the Pobblebonk Frog! A list of funny animals and/or names that have previously appeared on this silly site include: The Drop Bear  from Australia (okay, not a real animal) The Sleeping Skippy, also from Australia and The Hyena Dog from Nigeria. Funny Animal […]

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