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Italian Map

You Know That You’ve Been Living in Italy Too Long ..

Ahhh, Italy. There are so many things about it that I absolutely love about it. I love the passionate people, the delicious food, and the crazy variety and quality of the their brilliant but cheap wine. ...
Italian Stereotypes List - Top 10

Italian Stereotypes List – Top 10 Funny Food, Culture, & Fashion Jokes!

Italian Stereotypes - Food, Culture and Fashion + A Bit More! Today I've got a guest post from Silvia Pe about Italian Stereotypes. She is an Italian travel lover and a compulsive reader living in ...

Lava Flows From Volcano Eruptions at Mount Etna – The Religious Version

Lava Flows, Volcano Eruptions and Mount Etna - Crazy! Check out this photo of an old Lava Flow on Mount Etna, in Sicily (Sicily is the 'football' part of Italy - and a haven for godfathers...). Mount ...
Paul Sorvino

Paul Sorvino Interview – Acting, Opera, Tomato Sauce and the Amalfi Coast

Many of you would know about movie and theater legend, Paul Sorvino as he has starred as Paulie Cicero in the mob movie, Goodfellas, and as Henry Kissinger in Nixon. He’s been in loads of other movies ...

House of Cheese (Casa Del Formaggio) – Weird Travel Photo

House of Cheese - Just Plain Weird The House of Cheese, or Casa Del Formaggio is located in Florence, Italy. And it's one of the most bizarre Cheese Shops I have ever come across in my life! Most people ...