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Bunch Of Flowers – How To Keep Them Fresh!

Bunch of Flowers - How to Keep Fresh

Today I have a funny travel photo of a nice bunch of flowers that was sent in to me by Joe who runs I Want To Go There. You can also follow him on Facebook. Joe says ‘I have had the travel bug since 1996. First trip to Quebec City, Canada. Since then several countries […]

Taxi Fare Calculator – The Italian Way!

Taxi Fare Calculator

Here is one of my favourite subjects – the Worst Drivers In the World! And today, there’s one about taxi fare calculators done the Italian way, in Naples and it’s written by Francesco. He is the creator of Gadders, a social traveling platform where¬†travellers can review places they have visited, to contribute creating a free […]

You Know That You’ve Been Living in Italy Too Long ..

Italian Map

Ahhh, Italy. There are so many things about it that I absolutely love about it. I love the passionate people, the delicious food, and the crazy variety and quality of the their brilliant but cheap wine. Plus there are few odd spectacular Roman ruins which give you a pretty good insight into civilisations that have […]

Italian Stereotypes List – Top 10 Funny Food, Culture, & Fashion Jokes!

Italian Stereotypes List - Top 10

Italian Stereotypes – Food, Culture and Fashion + A Bit More! Today I’ve got a guest post from¬†Silvia Pe about Italian Stereotypes. She is an Italian travel lover and a compulsive reader living in Sardinia. She works in tourism field for and runs the blog, where she shares information about Italy. You can […]

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