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Mazda MX5

Mazda MX5 Review – Hardtop Convertible Car Touring Without Crashing!

Mazda MX5 Review from someone who knows *$&# about cars. I've decided to write a  Mazda MX5 Review with reference to a car that was given (sorry, lent) to me and my friend from GT for ...
Lamborghini Gallardo Out Of Gas Funny

Lamborghini Gallardo Funny Photo – Out Of Gas

Lamborghini Gallardo - If you can afford one, you can afford the Gas! Todays photo is of the Out Of Gas Lamborghini Gallardo - and this happened at the recent Targa Tasmania Car Rally I checked out that ...
Cars and Drivers

Cars And Drivers at Targa Tasmania – Funny Moments

Racing Car Drivers are a different Breed! Today was our last day of pimping the Mazda MX5 around Tasmania - a car which has been a great drive, and hence it was also the last day of the Targa Tasmania. ...
Hobart Tasmania

Hobart Tasmania – Pimping A Mazda MX5!

Hobart Tasmania - has Nice Beer, Chocolate and Great Windy Roads! Today was a major pimping the Mazda MX5 day. Myself and a friend from took a tonne of photos and video footage to be used ...
Mazda MX5 Back

Car Racing – Driving Tasmania in a Mazda MX5

Car Racing - Targa Tasmania Style After checking out yesterday's crash in the Targa Tasmania, myself and John from GT Style took our Mazda MX5 ( say hi to Mazda and Mazda Motorsport on Twitter, Facebook ...