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The Salt Hotel Salar Uyuni Bolivia

Salt Hotel at Salar Uyuni, Bolivia. Where’s the Pepper?

If you're looking for some unique or bizarre accommodation in South America, (or anywhere else in the world for that matter), then it's hard to go past the Salt Hotel, which is found on the high altitude ...
Evita - Eva Peron Portrait

Evitas Grave in Buenos Aires, Argentina – An Interesting Mausoleum

If you visit Buenos Aires, you are bound to observe countless images of Eva Peron - the much-loved Evita. They're everywhere - from local restaurants to living rooms. Hence, Evitas Grave in Recoleta Cemetery ...
Eating Guinea Pigs In Peru

Eating Guinea Pigs in Peru – Weird Cuisine!

Eating Guinea Pigs - Like Eating Your Favourite Childhood Pet! Today's 'out there' travel photo is provided by Justin who runs True Nomads. It's about Eating Guinea Pigs in Cusco, Peru! You can follow ...
Spanish Translations - Spanglish Colombian Drinks

Spanish Translations – Funny Spanglish for Colombian Drinks

Spanish Translations That Make You Laugh! Today I've got a funny travel photo from Inge who runs Colombia Facil about humourous Spanish Translations. Or in other words, Spanglish, which is like the latino ...
Amazon Rainforest Bird Wildlife - Beer Drinking Macaw in Brazil

Amazon Rainforest Bird Wildlife Funny – Beer Drinking Macaw in Brazil!

Drunk Amazon Rainforest Bird Wildlife? Today I've got a Funny Travel Photo from Lee Abbamonte. You can follow @leeabbamonte on Twitter. He's got an enviable travel record - he's the youngest American ...