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The Atacama Desert in Chile – The Driest Place On Earth

South American Desert

How dry is the driest place on the planet? This dry! As we say in Australia, it’s ‘as dry as a dead dingo’s donger!’ So dry that hardly anything grows there – even cacti! You’d be hard pressed to find any sort of vegetation out in these parts. But there are hardened people who live […]

The Weirdest Jail In The World – San Pedro Prison, La Paz Bolivia

La Paz Bolivia Jail

Anyone who’s been to Bolivia in South America would know that it’s a great place to visit, and it’s home to some great things to experience such as mountain biking down the world’s most dangerous road, the Salar Uyuni, and the Salt Hotel. But there’s one attraction that’s a bit weird that would be both […]

Unusual Things To Do In Peru – including erotic pottery!

Things To Do In Peru

Today I have an article from Max about the weird things to do in Peru. That’s apart from drinking frog juice, eating guinea pig, and of course, Macchu Picchu nicknames! Here it is! Crazy Beautiful: the light and strange sides of things to do in Peru! Peru is a beautiful country full of culture and […]

Mountain Biking Photos from ‘Death Road’!

Downhill Mountain Bikes

I was digging around on my computer the other day when I came across some old pics of when I did some Mountain Biking down ‘the World’s most dangerous road’, which is the La Paz to Coroico road in Bolivia. This was one of the best things I’ve done travelling, even though I was mentally […]

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