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Best Hardware Store - People Always Complain in Malawi

Best Hardware Store – ‘People Always Complain’..

Today I've got a funny travel photo from Sarah Carroll who runs The Ethical Volunteer. It's about the Best Hardware Store In The World - and it's located in Malawi, in Southern Africa. You can follow Sarah ...
Health Worker Malawi Africa

Health Worker – Funny Travel Photo from African Hospital

Health Worker - Funny Photo, Makes You Wonder! Health Workers. In the western world, we take them for granted. Most of us are lucky to roll up to a doctor in fairly quick time.  However, in Africa, ...
Malawi Hospital

Child Birth – African Style

Child Birth in Africa - Ouch! Child Birth. We’ve all gone through it, one way or the other.  As a male, I’m glad I will never know what it will feel like to give birth. This belief was even more ...

Corruption In Africa. Is it really that obvious?

Corruption In Africa. Unfortunately, Africa always seems to be tagged with the 'Corruption' word when referring to their governments.  It's not that other governments in the world aren't corrupt. I would ...
Barber Shop Malawi

Barber Shop – The Best House ‘Extension’

Barber Shop time! Sorry, the Barber Shop is not open today. This Barber Shop was spotted in a village near Lake Malawi, in Malawi. It looks like a ramshackle house extension, but hey, Africans don't ...