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Amazon Rainforest Bird Wildlife - Beer Drinking Macaw in Brazil

Amazon Rainforest Bird Wildlife Funny – Beer Drinking Macaw in Brazil!

Drunk Amazon Rainforest Bird Wildlife? Today I've got a Funny Travel Photo from Lee Abbamonte. You can follow @leeabbamonte on Twitter. He's got an enviable travel record - he's the youngest American ...
Rio De Janiero Carnival Brazil - Samba, Parades, Sex and Insane Condom Statistics!

Rio De Janiero Carnival, Brazil – Samba, Parades, Sex and Insane Condom Statistics!

Rio De Janiero Carnival - Interesting Stats! Today, I've got an interesting guest post about Condom Statistics from Dan Clarke who works for Real Brazil Holidays – the UK specialists in the Rio De ...
Iguazu Falls - Salto Bosetti

Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil – How To Wet Yourself

Igauzu Falls = Wet Pants! Today was the day where I had to somehow burn off a couple of week’s worth of eating superb South American steak that had been washed down with too many bottles of Malbec. ...
Salvador street band

Brazilian Nuts Don’t Taste So Good

Brazilian Nuts - Not The One's You're Thinking Of! Today, I've got a guest post from Paul about Brazilian Nuts. And I don't mean the variety where you have to use a heavy duty nutcracker to open the shell! I ...
Trindade Brazil - Carnival Parati

Trindade, Brazil – Awesome for a Mud Fight

Trindade in Brazil - Mud Fight Time! Trindade, Brazil. Looks like a fun place to me.  Especially if you like a Mud Fight! I haven't been to Trindade myself.  But one of my other travel addicted friends ...