Bus Transport – The Worst Things About Travelling On Them

Bus Transport

Inevitably, at some point in your travels, you are going to have to use some mode of Bus Transport to get you from Point A to Point B. There’s only so far that a plane can take you. To get around your new city or country, you’ll need some form of land transport which can […]

How To Ask Women For A Threesome… NOT!

How To Ask Women For A Threesome NOT - One Milk, one Chocolate!

Today I have a funny travel story from Amy, who runs Globe Trotter Guru about one of her odd experiences of being asked for a threesome when travelling in Istanbul, Turkey! Anyway, Turkey is one of my favourite places I’ve been too. I’ve had a load of fun mucking around when buying a carpet, staying […]

The Worst Movies for Travellers of All Time (so far)!

Snakes On A Plane

On this silly website previously, I’ve put together a couple of Funny Travel Movie Lists such as my Top 5 Funny Travel Movies,┬áComedy Travel,┬áTravel Films With A Laugh, and even some funny time travel movies. Predictably, these movies focus on the more humourous side of travelling – including the things that go wrong on road […]

Halloween Cakes! So Freaky, You Don’t Want To Eat Them!

Head Cake

Happy Halloween! It’s October 31 and it’s time for kids all around the world to door knock at every strangers house to say trick or treat so that dentists will be rubbing their hands the next year once all those cavities burn a hole through a lot of teeth and parent’s pockets! This event has […]

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