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Urinals Of The World – The Water Fall Urinal

Unusual Urinals – Piss Into the Water Fall!

This is truly the most bizarre urinal I’ve ever seen!

The Waterfall Urinal is located about 70 kilometres south-west of Las Vegas, in a modest service station. However, you can see a neon sign from the road, advertising this masterpiece of plumbing.

Urinals Of The World

When you walk into the men’s toilets, you are greeted with this unbelievable Urinal which you probably won’t see anywhere else:

Waterfall Urinal

Urinal Etiquette – NOT!

Obviously, the Water Fall Urinal fails to pass any of the unwritten Urinal Etiqutte rules. That is, to stand the maximum possible distance away from someone else emptying their bladder. Not sure if I want to be standing shoulder to shoulder, or hip to hip if there were a lot of males wanting to visit the Urinal at the same time!

But the picture doesn’t do this any justice!

Check out the beautiful, waterfall sounds of the Water Fall urinal.

YouTube Preview Image

Hope you enjoyed this insight into one of the most bizarre Urinals Of The World!

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This is almost as funny as the Portable Urinal with Female Adapter.


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8 Responses to Urinals Of The World – The Water Fall Urinal

  1. John says:

    Thanks for the info ! I enjoyed your post !

  2. Dawn says:

    A joy to use I’m sure!

    Now that was a brave person who snuck in to the loo with a video camera. People have been strung up for less!

  3. Red Nomad OZ says:

    Yep, always a bit dodgy to be seen around public toilets with a camera … this mechanical marvel almost deserves a place with the scenic public toilets on my blog!!

    Happy travels!

  4. Waikiki Beach Bum says:

    That is by far, the coolest urinal I’ve seen in the world!

  5. SKINNY SKIPPY says:

    nice work b..k. by the way i went into an urinal in a small town called Weer in Austria last year(about 20 clicks out of Innsbruck)and it had like a demon face with it mouth wide open for the urinal. Was a little weird for me considering I knocked back a few brews whilst watching Chelsea and Barcelona battle it out in Euro semi final.I just used the old school urinal beside it, but the locals seem to have no worries.

  6. Reminds me of the time I broke out a camera in a bathroom in South Korea to take a picture of the brand name, which said “rentokill.” I found it funny.


  7. villa curacao says:

    hahah I would love to take a pee in that urinal! Great post.

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