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Zanzibar Beach

Ultimate Bucket Lists for Travel – The Silliest One Ever!

One big tend in travel blogs is people publicly showing their Bucket Lists for travel - that is, the destinations and experiences around the world they want to indulge in before the breathe their last ...

Passport Photos We’d Love To See!

Probably one of the worst photos that someone will ever take of you will be your passport photo. Passport photos are much maligned by travellers everywhere because most people think 'that doesn't look ...
Funny Memes - Travel

Funny Memes for Travel

The Funny Memes that have been created by silly types out there in internet land seem to be there for the attention deficit types out there who want a quick laugh without thinking about the subject matter ...
Google Travel Official Image

If Google Ruled Everything Related to Travel

Ahh, Google. The Big G. The world's most popular and frequently visited website. Since it's humble beginnings in the late 1990's, Google has come to dominate the world in pretty much everything related ...

Travel Alerts – Warnings We’d Love To See!

There's nothing like saving up for a few years to go on a once in a lifetime trip to then have your government foreign affairs department issue some alarming Travel Alerts or Travel Warnings to the very ...