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Best Infographics for Travel. How they really work!

Best Infographic - Travel

Sometimes, I really don’t understand some public relations types. I often receive random emails from them out of nowhere wanting me to share their ‘best infographics for travel‘ on my social media channels for free publicity – all for nothing in return! Usually, I haven’t heard from these people before, and I probably won’t ever […]

Sustainable Tourism – What it Really Means!

Sustainable Tourism

In the last decade or so, the terms ‘sustainable tourism‘, ‘eco tourism’ or ‘green travel’ have popped up a lot (when I mean green travel, I’m talking about environmental issues here, not green grass in Nimbin or growing weed in Amsterdam) – relating to how the world can handle the increased numbers of travellers circulating […]

Ultimate Bucket Lists for Travel – The Silliest One Ever!

Zanzibar Beach

One big tend in travel blogs is people publicly showing their Bucket Lists for travel – that is, the destinations and experiences around the world they want to indulge in before the breathe their last breath and leave the planet. This concept was probably made popular by the movie of the same name starring Morgan […]

Passport Photos We’d Love To See!


Probably one of the worst photos that someone will ever take of you will be your passport photo. Passport photos are much maligned by travellers everywhere because most people think ‘that doesn’t look like me at all’. And that’s pretty much right! I don’t know anyone who likes their passport photo! Like my interview regarding […]

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