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Rujak Cingur - Cow's Nose with Peanut Sauce

Super Shots Photography Travel Game – Some Cool Pictures

Super Shots Time! I recently gave my two bob worth's of contributing a photo to the launch of Hostel Booker’s fun travel photo game called Super Shots which showcased 7 travel photos across 7 categories ...
Tourist Photos Seattle - Gum Wall

Tourist Photos With A Laugh – Posing With Friends

Funny Tourist Photos Time! Todays Funny Tourist Photos come from Henry from Posing With, which is a silly website about 'Taking Pictures Next To Tourists Taking Pictures'. I really love this ...
Morning on the Ganges - India #2

Travel Photography Book Review – The Longest Way Home

Travel Photography Book Review I've been getting stuck into some Travel Photography ever since I bought my first Digital SLR - a Nikon D60, which I've loved since I bought it.  I've been trying to capture ...