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How To Make A Paracord Bracelet – From A Watch!

Waterproof Cases

There are all sorts of survival shows out there that show a number of skills of how to get away in situations that usually mean almost certain death for other mere mortals. This includes stuff like ‘How To Make A Paracord Bracelet‘, which is a survival type bracelet that some people wear around, just in […]

Portable Wireless Travel Speakers Review – UE Boom. How to annoy your rowdy dorm room mates in the morning!

Portable Wireless Travel Speakers Review - Logitech UE Boom

Hey there – today I’ve got a change of pace – I’ve managed to score some Travel Speakers┬áto road test in terms of their application as a travel accessory. Actually, it’s just one speaker, but that’s all you need! It’s the Ultimate Ears (UE) Boom and it’s meant to accompany you on all of your […]

Tablet Laptop All In One Review – The Dell XPS12

Tablet Laptop All In One Review - The Dell XPS12 for Travel

Tablet Laptop Road Test – Dell XPS12 for Travelling Many people use tablets these days as these are fine for just surfing the web and using the social media channels, plus they’re pretty lightweight. Others are now using ultrabooks because they want a compact computer that doesn’t take up much space.┬áBut what if you could […]

Samsung Compact Digital Camera Review – WB150F with WiFi

Samsung Compact Digital Camera Review

Samsung Compact Digital Camera Road Test I recently had the opportunity to have a crack at the Samsung Compact Digital Camera WB150F model. This is something of a new thing for me, because when I made the switch from film to digital, I went straight to buying a Digital SLR camera. I’ve had no regrets […]

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