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European Trip: Train Travel & Eurail Pass Review

High Speed Trains Europe

European Trip: How Train Travel Works As you would know, I recently went on a European Trip with Rail Europe to road test the high speed rail network in France, Amsterdam, and Germany. This allowed me to experience all sorts of cool things like the chaotic traffic at the Arc De Triomphe, tasting the very […]

Rail Europe Trip – French Food, Dutch Liberalism and German Beer!

Not Rail Europe

Rail Europe Junket Time! Ever had one of those throwaway moments when you think, I’ll have a silly punt at something, and see what happens? Well that’s what I did recently for a Rail Europe Blogger Competition. I had to enter some tips using a Rail Europe Facebook Application and the potential prize was a trip […]

Mazda MX5 Review – Hardtop Convertible Car Touring Without Crashing!

Mazda MX5

Mazda MX5 Review from someone who knows *$&# about cars. I’ve decided to write a  Mazda MX5 Review with reference to a car that was given (sorry, lent) to me and my friend from GT for a recent cool junket related to the Targa Tasmania Car Rally. That’s because I feel a bit guilty by […]

Overland Truck Laws In Africa

Overland Truck Inside

Overland Truck Funnies When in Africa, many travellers use an Overland Truck to get from Point A to Point B.  There are well defined routes throughout eastern and southwestern Africa that are becoming ever more popular. Overland Trucks visit Africa icons such as the Serengeti (Tanzania), Victoria Falls (Zambia/Zimbabwe) and the Okavango Delta (Botswana). Basically, […]

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