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Bizarre Food - Sea Slug Soup

Bizarre Food – Weird Delicacies From Around The World

Bizarre Food - Travel with your taste buds: Today I have a guest post about Bizarre Food from Sophie at @deliveryhero_au.  Here it is! Any experienced traveller knows that feeling when you come across ...
Malacca Coconut Chicken

Malaysian Recipes Great for Expanding Waistlines at Old Town Kitchen

Malaysian Recipes that require a Personal Trainer! Howdy there, this is my last Malaysian Food and Malaysian Recipes review as part of the rather fattening Malaysia Kitchen junket. This time, I tried ...
Roti Canai - Malaysian Lamb Curry

Malaysian Cuisine and Dishes at Ipoh Laksa – Pig Out Time!

Malaysian Cuisine Galore! Woo hoo. Malaysian Food Pig Out time Number 3! After my chat with Adam Liaw about what Malaysian Cuisine is about, and scoffing down enough at Malaya Corner and Treasure House to ...
Treasure Udang Coconut Dessicated Prawns Entree

Malaysian Restaurants Junket Number 2 – Treasure House

Malaysian Restaurants in the 'burbs - a surprise package! This is all about me having a big pig out on some Malaysian Food over the next couple of months at some Malaysian Restaurants! This is part of ...
Nasi Lemak Malaysian Food

Malaysian Food – Not What It Seems!

Malaysian Food Junket - Restaurant Number 1! After my recent sily interview about Malaysian Food with Adam Liaw, it was time for me to be a shonky food critic and actually road test some South East Asian ...