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South Pole Travel - Cheap Antarctica Flights

How To Find Cheap Flight Tickets. The Stupid Way.

Pretty much every self proclaimed 'travel hacker' or 'travel guru' has dribbled on some crap on how to find the cheapest flight tickets and reasons behind them. Things like spending a whole day on every ...
Premium Class Seats - Air Asia

Aircraft Passenger Seat Types – The Worst Ones To Sit Next To!

I love travelling. I don't mind the long haul flights out of Australia, because I'm looking forward to the destination at the other end. But sometimes, the plane trip can become less than desirable ...
Flight Status Updates - Funny

Flight Status Updates We’d Love To See!

I love airports. That's because I know that when I get through check in and security, I'm about to board the 'freedom bird' to somewhere that's new and is about to stimulate my senses. Anything to take ...
Brisbane Airport Emirates A380

Emirates A380 First and Business Class – The Best Way To Fly! Ever!

This is a big statement, but flying Business Class on the Emirates A380 was the best flight I've ever taken in my life! Much more pleasant than flying on old Russian rust buckets that should be at home ...
South Pole Travel - Cheap Antarctica Flights

Flight Attendant Announcements – Some Funny Airline Safety Scripts We’d Love To Hear!

There's lots of in flight safety announcements can become one and the same. But here is a list of some funny Flight Attendant Announcements and airline safety scripts we would love to hear just to make ...