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Plane Crashes and Incidents For Those Who Fear Flying

Plane in overhead powerlines

It’s time to send out some pics of Plane Crashes and incidents, just to make you uneasy about your next flight! Don’t worry these are non-fatal ones, but they’re enough to make you think ‘how the hell did this happen?’ Anyway, whilst some of these photos can be a little off putting, it doesn’t matter […]

Duct Tape Uses – Fixing an Aeroplane!

Duct Tape Uses

Apart from underwear, I think Duct Tape should be an essential item that every traveller should stuff into their backpack. This essential invention has been used to repair pretty much anything that is broken. It’s versatility is unquestioned! It’s so strong, that it will hold anything together but it’s so easy to tear off the […]

Jet Lag Symptoms and Recovery – The Shonky Version

Flight Radar 24 Map - US Europe Air Traffic

Jet Lag is one of those First World Problems related to travel that people suffer when they decide to cross a few time zones to feed their travel addiction. It’s something I experience all the time because any flight out of Australia is always a long one, and almost always involves the change of a […]

How To Find Cheap Flight Tickets. The Stupid Way.

South Pole Travel - Cheap Antarctica Flights

Pretty much every self proclaimed ‘travel hacker’ or ‘travel guru’ has dribbled on some crap on how to find the cheapest flight tickets and reasons behind them. Things like spending a whole day on every airline comparison website checking out different times and dates for flights, and different booking origins just so you can save […]

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