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Zanzibar Beach

Ultimate Bucket Lists for Travel – The Silliest One Ever!

One big tend in travel blogs is people publicly showing their Bucket Lists for travel - that is, the destinations and experiences around the world they want to indulge in before the breathe their last ...
Waterproof Cases

How To Make A Paracord Bracelet – From A Watch!

There are all sorts of survival shows out there that show a number of skills of how to get away in situations that usually mean almost certain death for other mere mortals. This includes stuff like 'How ...

Passport Photos We’d Love To See!

Probably one of the worst photos that someone will ever take of you will be your passport photo. Passport photos are much maligned by travellers everywhere because most people think 'that doesn't look ...
Ryan Gosling Head

Ryan Gosling’s Head – Goes Everywhere!

It's time to feature another silly travel blog besides mine! It's run by Melissa and it's called Where's The Gos? The reason why Where's The Gos is a silly travel blog is because as part of her travels, ...
Three Trunks And A Cardboard Case

Italian Australian Immigration Stories. Three Trunks and a Cardboard Case!

Here's an article with a personal bent. It's an Italian Australian immigration story which involves leaving everything you know and moving half way around the world to a place that you don't know at all, ...