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Cafe Culture – The Strangest Cafes In The World


Like Cafe Culture? Well, lots of people do, both at home and abroad! Today, I’ve got a list of some of the Strangest Cafes in the World from Lily Evans! Lily Evans is the founder of SkyWeFly, where she blogs about photographs, stories and travel tips that will help you make a great journey. She […]

Travel Clickbait Headlines – What We’d Like to See!

Click Bait Headlines

Ahhh, Clickbait! You know, those ‘eye catching’ headlines that you see on all sorts websites around the place that tempt you to waste way more time than you normally do already. Clickbait usually starts with phrases ‘you won’t believe’, ‘7 shocking facts’, or ‘find out why’ and end with ‘blow your mind’. The aim is […]

Travel Light – Silly Tips for Streamlined Travel

Backpacker Style

One of the things I try and do my very best is find the Utopian balance between travelling with just the right amount of stuff that I need without having to visit a chiropractor because I’ve lugged too much crap around the world! Actually, I think I’m not too bad when it comes to travel […]

Manscaping While Travelling: When, Where, and How!

Learn How to Shave

Today I’ve got a post about ‘Manscaping‘ whilst travelling – keeping yourself well groomed and trimmed when you’re on the road. It’s from Wesley, who is the owner of – a website where men, beards, and manscaping THRIVE! If you would like to see more from Wesley checkout iManscape or like their page on Facebook. Plus check out […]

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