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Pickpockets and Travel – How To Annoy Them!

Pickpockets and Travel

Probably one of the most popular travel scams and/or hazards in the world is the art of pickpocketing – where sneaky hands cleverly move into your pockets so that your belongings can be removed from your possession in quick time just so that your credit card can be flogged all over the internet to make […]

How to be a Travel SEO Ho! A Silly Tutorial with Tips and Techniques

SEO Tutorial Travel

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is a moving beast that drives anyone who runs a website (like myself) insane. Even if you don’t run a website, it affects you because when you type in something, Google has to work out what you actually want by asking about 200 questions before it spits out a result […]

Louis Theroux Documentaries – Weird Weekends and Other Strange Stuff!

Weird Weekends

Louis Theroux – Documenting the Weirder Side of Society Louis Theroux is a funny documentary maker who produces all sorts of television programs that are more on the left side of television viewing. They’re not exactly mainstream, but that’s what makes them good! He’s actually the son of famous travel writer Paul Theroux, who has […]

Sponsored Posts and Other Silly Advertising Requests From The Travel Industry!

Travel Blogging Business Meme

The reason I run this silly travel blog is because I love the great opportunities that come from it. I’ve had so many great experiences that I never thought were possible. But with that yin, must come a yang. When your stuff is out in the online space, this presents opportunities for unsolicited emails from […]

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