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Selfies and Travelling – the Scourge of the Earth!

Selfies and Travel

Bloody smartphones. Yes, they can sometimes be useful to find stuff in an instant when you’re on the road. But God, sometimes they piss me off! Phone manufacturers have somehow made people feel that these portable computers are an essential part of everyday life, when in reality, they’re creating an emotional ball and chain for […]

Travel Safety – Things You Do Overseas That You Don’t Do At Home!

comeback alive

One thing that travel does to many people (especially solo travellers) is that it makes you do things that you just normally wouldn’t do at home. That’s right, once the confidence has built up to a certain high level, this can lead to undertaking all sorts of risky activities like bungee jumping, riding in unroadworthy […]

Gluten Free Diet and Travel – When It Doesn’t Quite Happen…

Gluten Free Diet Intolerance Travel

People like myself just take for granted that we’re able to eat pretty much anything we want, and it won’t leave us sitting on the toilet for a week. This gives me the luxury of allowing me to eat all sorts of weird stuff like Cow’s Nose and Guinea Pig. However there are many people […]

Private Jets – What I’d Like To Say If I Ever Set Foot on One!

Business Aircraft

You’re in the top few percent of the world’s richest people if you are able to afford a seat on a plane. I’m very grateful that I’ve been able to fly to all sorts of places around the world, and happy to have the opportunity to do so simply because I was born in an […]

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