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Best Travel Clothes Shirt

Best Travel Clothes – The Phrase T-Shirt!

There's nothing like travelling in a country where you just don't know the language. Native English speakers normally have it so easy. That's because everyone else who is not a native English speaker wants ...
Tripadvisor Funny Reviews

Tripadvisor – Funny Reviews We’d Love to See!

Tripadvisor is one of the most popular travel review websites out there. You can pretty much find a review on any bit of accommodation out there on the planet before you take off on your trip.   In ...
Wave Machine

Flowrider – Wave Machine on the back of a Cruise Ship!

I'm not really the cruising type - I've never actually been on one, but I find these large heavy metal beasts that float in the water without sinking pretty fascinating anyway. Cruising is still going ...
Tacky Tourist Photos

Tacky Tourist Photos. Stupid, or Rite of Passage?

How many times have you been to a Tourist Trap around the world, only to see a flood of people/tourists posing in all sorts of weird ways to be captured in a photograph so it can be posted to their Facebook ...
Best Infographic - Travel

Best Infographics for Travel. How they really work!

Sometimes, I really don't understand some public relations types. I often receive random emails from them out of nowhere wanting me to share their 'best infographics for travel' on my social media channels ...