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Tourist Trap – The Top 10 Signs That You’re Caught in One

Tourist Trap Truths!

We all seem to know what a Tourist Trap is.

Most streetwise world travellers can spot a Tourist Trap even before we can see the high rise apartments overlooking the crowded beaches!

Gold Coast Tourist Trap

Anyway, a Tourist Trap can be defined as ‘A place, such as a shop or resort area, that offers overpriced goods and services to tourists.’

Actually, most of us have probably started our world travels by firstly visiting a Tourist Trap.

But to help others who are about to start their travel addiction, I’ve identified some of the common symptoms that are associated with being caught in a Tourist Trap.

Here they are – The Top 10 Signs That You’re Caught in a Tourist Trap:

1. English Breakfasts are widely available – and you’re nowhere near England.

2. When you try to buy something, there is always a [insert your nationality here] price.

3. Menus are in English, German and French – but not in the local language.

4. You can buy exactly the same crap as you can at home – for not much less.

5. Every tour, shopping item or cultural performance labelled as ‘authentic’ isn’t.

6. Souveniers are all made in China – and you’re not holidaying in China.

7. The Tourist Trap destination is popular with the following groups – package holiday tourists, bucks party hordes and skin cancer searchers.

8. You’re staying in the same hotel chain that you have stayed in for the last 5 holidays.

9. Two words – Timeshare apartments; and finally

10. Your search for ‘Tourist Trap’ on the Lonely Planet website brings up the Tourist Trap you are staying in!

So there you go!

You will now know if you are caught in a Tourist Trap!

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21 Responses to Tourist Trap – The Top 10 Signs That You’re Caught in One

  1. Dave and Deb says:

    Haha, excellent post and funny stuff. And so true!

  2. Ira says:

    thanks for the information Anthony, and that’s why you don’t go to Bali LOL

  3. Luc J says:

    A guy standing in the doorway trying to drag you inside is a good indication too, most of the time.

  4. Oliver Morgan says:

    Good list , i like no 6

  5. Very nice post. Awesome and funny stuff. Thanks for this.

  6. Weddings in Spain says:

    Love this article! It made me laugh with how correct you really are! I have never even noticed it before either.

  7. HDTV says:

    Surprise! You really covered this subject well. Hope others feel the same way.

  8. villa curacao says:

    “Menus are in English, German and French – but not in the local language.”hahaha this is so true, if the menu isn’t in the local language you know that you’re in a tourist trap!

  9. Isn’t that so awkward? The thought of a lot people seeing you is something I don’t like. that’s why I’ve never been to a beach like this, and the many buildings made it a bit crowded. But then, thanks for this information.

  10. Bijuterii Argint says:

    so many of the above happen everywhere; some can be avoided, but the language on the menu’s – what do you do in a country where you don’t understand the language and prefer an english menu? Of course the prices are different depending on the language but the law approves it.

  11. vaporizer reviews says:

    tourist traps are EVERYWHERE, great article to read before going on a trip and making plans.

  12. trvl8dintern says:

    I totally agree! the pictures on the menu are the worst!!

  13. ChinaMatt says:

    Very true. But sometimes you need to visit those tourist traps to remind yourself why you enjoy those off-the-beaten-path destinations. Plus, some tourist traps have sites/history of interest.

  14. Nice list. Yes, if LP calls where you are a tourist trap. Funny.

  15. it’s funny because it’s true! great post. and i hate that foreigner price. even though a local before me bought the same thing and i saw exactly what he paid for, i still get foreigner price. i hate it with passion. haha.

  16. Evanne says:

    All very true! Beware the “authentic” label! I like the one about the menus being in every language but the local one – we see that a lot in Thailand, although here I think it is a bit more of an accommodation thing.

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