Tony Hawks Interview – The Travel Writer, not The Skateboarding Dude

Tony Hawks Round Ireland With A Fridge
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Tony Hawks on the Round Ireland With A Fridge Movie!

Hi everyone out there in Travel Tart land, today I’ve got a big treat for you – I’ve scored an interview with Tony Hawks.

Tony Hawks Round Ireland With A Fridge

No, not the Tony Hawk Skateboarding guy, but the man who’s famous for writing about his crazy travel adventures such as Round Ireland With A Fridge and Playing The Moldovans at Tennis.

Both of these books made my lists of Funny Travel Books (see My Top 5 Funny Travel Books and Travel Books With A Laugh).

Round Ireland With A Fridge has recently been released as a movie, which is out now! Check out the trailer below:–AvSeBors

You can follow Tony Hawks on Twitter @thefridgeman

The Tony Hawks Interview

The Travel Tart: Hi Tony, thanks so much for your time – I’m sure you’re very busy with the film release at the moment, and this is much appreciated! Anyway, both Round Ireland With A Fridge and Playing The Moldovans at Tennis made a couple of my funny travel book lists. One recurring theme is that these trips have started by placing a drunken bet with one of your mates. Just wondering, do all of your overseas adventures start this way?

Tony Hawks: Three of the books have,  I guess! But they’ve all come from genuine arguments, and aren’t just best people have thought up. I’m not into stunts per se.

The Travel Tart: How does it feel to have ‘Round Ireland With A Fridge’ made into a movie? Books and movies are completely different media in terms of expressing any subject matter, so I was wondering what are the differences you found in terms of projecting the story across these two formats?

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Tony Hawks: Writing the screenplay was very tricky. The lead character (Me!) had to go on more of an emotional journey that he did in the book. It was also very tough deciding what episodes to leave out, as it was impossible to include them all.

The Travel Tart: I know that you’re often confused with Tony Hawk, the US Skateboarder. In fact, one of the funniest parts of your website is the loads of fan emails you receive from avid skateboarders and your responses to them! Do you think you’ve picked up some extra fans because of this identity confusion?

Tony Hawks: People certainly enjoy my replies to the skateboarders. I doubt I get many converts from that community though!

The Travel Tart: One aspect that I often find in your books is that you really seem to warm to the locals when you travel, such as your trips to Ireland and Moldova. For example, I know the Irish have a great sense of humour and obviously got behind your adventure there, but how did you view the Irish people before and after the trip based on your experiences?

Tony Hawks: My instinct about the Irish proved correct – that they would warm to the silliness of the challenge. They are instantly friendly – but experience has shown that they’re less good at the keeping in touch side of things!

The Travel Tart: Is there any chance of a Morris Minor and The Majors reunion tour? I thought “Stutter Rap” and “This Is The Chorus” were some of the funniest songs of the 1980’s when I was growing up, and they both did very well in Australia. In fact, believe it or not, I still have a 12” single of “This Is The Chorus”, which is probably now a museum piece!

Tony Hawks: I’m afraid we’ve all gone onto different things now. I do an acoustic version of Stutter Rap on the guitar is quite fun!

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The Travel Tart: Thanks Tony! I’m looking forward to checking out the movie soon!

More Tony Hawks Stuff

Cool, I really enjoyed this Tony Hawks Interview! Anyway, check out some of Tony’s books, shown below:

The Round Ireland With A Fridge movie is out now! And check out my guide on Irish Slang!

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